What Our Customers Say

Aylet Anderson
I don’t think I could imagine my internet life without TrueSpeed.
Mrs A Anderson
Owain Jones
Fibre optic provides appropriate connectivity for the 21st century
Mr O Jones
Aylet Anderson
It really will make all the difference to your business if you're in a small village.
Mrs A Anderson
Aylet Anderson
They were always helpful, always nice.
Mrs A Anderson
We are blown away by the fabulous internet we have now. We cannot thank you enough.
Mrs S Griffiths
We were sceptical about whether we would get the speed advertised of 100mb; but were really pleased with that guaranteed speed with no drop off... We cannot praise enough and glad to switch from the previous supplier. Well done TrueSpeed!
M Woodward
I don’t think I could imagine my internet life without TrueSpeed.
Mrs A Anderson
Fibre optic provides appropriate connectivity for the 21st century… We now have some of the fastest internet in the country.
Mr O Jones
Fast broadband, cheaper and much, much more efficient than B.T. Very fast and reliable.
Mr D Franklin, Priston
We changed for the speed of broadband and we like the idea of a local company delivering to our community - so nice not to have to rely on BT. I do a lot of work from home and it has made me more productive.  Bob has enjoyed much faster access to youtube too!
Mrs S Wilson, Compton Dando
TrueSpeed kept their promises, the speed is reliable and works. The buffering days are gone. Without it now? We wouldn’t want to go back for sure.
Gary Pearce, Compton Dando
Everything is so much quicker and very helpful staff.
Roger Piercy, Compton Dando
I am able to use services which were simply not feasible before - eg Smart TV, cloud backup.  Maintenance of our community website is much easier, particularly uploading photos.
Richard Bottle, Priston
I had a satellite connection previously which was ok-ish. Now I don't have to think about waiting for things to load.
Robert Davies, Priston
Quick, reliable internet connection and recommended.
Kirsty Harper, Newton St Loe
Our internet service is now simply another utility, like water or electricity, we don't give a second thought. It's there when we want it.
Clive Howarth, Compton Dando
The service has been stable and reliable since switching to TrueSpeed - which it wasn't before.
Liz Brealey, Compton Dando

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