TrueSpeed is building brand new 100% fibre broadband networks that will provide ultrafast, reliable broadband with guaranteed speeds of at least 200Mb/s to communities that have very poor access to fast broadband.

Not all fibre broadband is the same
Most broadband providers sell you one thing and then deliver another. They install fibre into a cabinet located in your area and then use out-dated copper cabling to connect to your home. The results are slow speeds at peak times, loss of signal and problems using multiple devices. And the further you live from the cabinet, the poorer your service.

TrueSpeed is different. We install Active Ethernet technology over fibre optic cables delivered straight to your premises. We call this True Active Ethernet (also known as FTTP) and it means we can guarantee broadband speeds of at least 200Mbps, even at peak times.

Fibre fit for families
Having multiple devices running at the same time shouldn’t affect your browsing experience, which is why we ensure all users get the same speed, unlimited data and equal speed when down-loading or up-loading. All at no extra cost.

Fast fibre. Forever
Our network is built with the future in mind and is capable of delivering speeds of up to 10,000 Mb/s. It can also be upgraded seamlessly without the need for further investment or infrastructure. So you will always have access to the highest speeds and the best the Internet has to offer.

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Unlike other providers we believe in simplicity, honesty and transparency. This means:

  • Your own direct fibre optic line into your property. No more expensive leased lines or ‘fibre’ services using ageing copper infrastructure. Importantly, and unlike other FTTP providers, we won’t ask you to share fibre back to your cabinet.
  • A modern, clean solution using overhead poles or underground channels. We also help set up your router and computer connections.
  • No hidden costs, just transparent pricing that is easy to understand.
  • A commitment to stand by our pricing plans and not changing anything within your existing contract.
  • Clear, simple service agreements and terms and conditions that assure you of the upkeep and maintenance of your connection and simple guidance should you need to talk to us about anything.
  • Technology that allows us to spot any potential problems early so our local team will start solving the problem.
  • In the unlikely event that we can’t fix an issue remotely we promise to fix your connection within four days. No ifs, no buts.
  • The ability to keep your current phone number but over a better, clearer line and often cheaper than your current provider with calling plans billed by the second.
  • A local based customer service team who understand your needs and your community area. 
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TrueSpeed is a community powered broadband provider. We believe everyone should have access to the very best broadband and the benefits the digital world has to offer.

We are investing roughly £750,000 into each area where we build our network. This equates to around £3,500 per property that is connected to our service, however all properties in the designated area are able to take service from us if they so wish. When we install our network into a community, we also provide the local primary and secondary schools with ultrafast broadband free of charge. How many other broadband providers do you know that do that?

But you need to help us make this happen.

The power is in your hands
We work on a “demand and confidence” basis. We look for about 30% community take up by homes and businesses. This percentage is dependant on the infrastructure build.

Initially we look to find those people in the community that want to make this happen. We call these people our “Broadband Champions”. If you would like to be a champion in your community please get in touch at ultrafast@truespeed.com

We then hold a number of events and Q&As and work with the local community broadband champions and gauge commitment. Once we have around 30% take up we begin build and installation.

If you are already tied in to another contract there is no need to worry about missing out, as commitment can include those that are already contracted to another provider.

Find out more about this on our Ease of Switch page.

Just remember: it’s up to you to help make this happen for you and your community, so start the process of registering now.

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TrueSpeed really does mean truly better broadband.

We are doing this differently to others. Community based with transparency, openness and state of the art technology. We are independent and not reliant on any other broadband company.

‘Fast broadband and cheaper and much, much more efficient than B.T. Very fast and reliable.’
David Franklin, Priston

‘We changed for the speed of broadband and we like the idea of a local company delivering to our community - so nice not to have to rely on BT.’
Sarah Wilson, Compton Dando

‘Quick, reliable internet connection and recommended.’
Kirsty Harper, Newton st Loe

‘I had a satellite connection previously which was ok-ish. Now I don’t have to think about waiting for things to load.’
Robert Davies, Priston

‘I am able to use services which were simply not feasible before - eg Smart TV, cloud backup.’
Richard Bottle, Priston

‘Everything is so much quicker and very helpful staff.’
Roger Piercy, Compton Dando

‘TrueSpeed kept their promises, the speed is reliable and works. the buffering days are gone. Without it now? We wouldn’t want to go back for sure.’
Gary Pearce, Compton Dando

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The TrueSpeed Community

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