Keeping Minds & Bodies Healthy At Home

Blogs 23rd March 2020


Physical fitness and mental wellbeing whilst staying at home during Covid-19 is more important than ever. This blog discusses easy ways to keep active and help mental health from the comfort of your own home.

As we continue to keep ourselves, friends and family safe by working from home, practicing social distancing and self-isolating when needed, it’s more important than ever to embrace exercising so we can be as healthy as possible. Exercise not only keeps our bodies strong, it’s a major contributor in improving mental health. So when we combine the two together, we have a great toolset to overcome this period of uncertainty without the needing to visit high risk locations to get our exercise fix. So here are some easy, practical tips on how to keep our minds and bodies healthy throughout the pandemic.

Why is diet so important for mental and physical health?

Let’s face it, we’ve all thought about gluing ourselves to the sofa and ploughing the chocolate caramel digestives. But as tempting as this may sound, health care professionals advise us to stay clear of this route for a number of reasons for both physical and mental health.

recent study stated that by consuming a healthy and varied diet of fruits, vegetables, healthy fats, protein and carbohydrates can help contribute to decreasing depression levels. Those who ate a well rounded diet also associated more feelings of general well being throughout the study. This is just the tip of the iceberg for reasons to why a healthy diet is so important in keeping both bodies and mind healthy throughout the pandemic. This is an incredibly stressful time for millions of people, so by feeding your body with the correct fuel and nutrients, you can provide yourself with the best tools to combat stress during times of uncertainty.

Multiple studies have also suggested that by eating an unhealthy diet full of high fat, high sugar and lots of processed foods can directly correlate to worsening moods such as depression alongside increased periods of feeling lethargic and tired.

For long term positive mental and physical health, a diet of moderation is a great way to go. Enjoy a nice dinner complete with pudding and a glass of wine with friends and family – in a safe government approved manner of course. This will allow you to enjoy quality social time and delicious food that puts and end to cravings and will help you avoid excessive binging. Then you can enjoy a tasty, nutrient rich and varied diet for the majority of the time which your body will definitely thank you for!

How can I exercise safely at home?

Speaking with Doctor of Chiropractic Joe Abbott about what exercises we can all easily do at home, he has some easy, practical advice on keeping fit during self-isolation and the pandemic as a whole. Ever heard of Deck of Cards workout? No…lots of us haven’t, but its a super fun home work out that everyone can do so check it out here.

One of the most prevalent things he talks about in his blog, is that exercise strengthens our immune system, which can help fight infections and viruses. So in line with government regulations of social distancing and hand washing, exercising can help our bodies fight viruses.

What can I do to help my mental health during Covid-19?

These are turbulent times we’re living in, and our stress levels are undoubtedly heightened whilst we go through the trials and tribulations of the Corona virus. The fear of the future and the unknown, commonly known as anxiety, is also going to be high as we try and safeguard ourselves throughout the coming months.

But, the most important thing we can do, is remember we are all in this together!

We have seen an outpour of people, businesses and the government coming together to support each other throughout this rollercoaster journey. Landlords waving rent, interest rates dropping, people shopping for the elderly and everyone rallying together to keep small businesses and the self-employed afloat. We must remember in these difficult times there is hope. This hardship will pass, life will return to normal and we must be thankful for the kindness and support we can show each other.

There are also tactics we can do at home to help our mental health. Online yoga and meditation classes can help relieve stress and anxiety. Yoga with Adriene is fantastic as she takes you through easy sessions everyone can do…she also has a cool dog that makes cameo appearances.

Working from home gives me back pain, what can I do about it?

Many of us don’t have a home office equipped with comfortable chairs and specially adjusted computer screens, you might be experiencing some discomfort whilst working from home. But now working from home is set to be here for the long run, it’s time to get a proper home working environment set up. Ask your company for a home working assessment and ask what they can do to help provide the proper equipment.

Fro those of us who are desk based, it can mean sitting for hours on end so ensuring you have the correct posture whilst sitting is vital. Skellian Chiropractic has great online videos with tips on how to improve posture and advice on how to reduce back pain which we highly recommend you take a look at. Remember, if you’re experiencing continued pain we always recommend you speaking with a health care professional.

Setting up a home office that’s equipped for long term home working is vital for mental and physical healthy, so check out our ‘5 Steps To Create The Perfect Home Office‘ blog which takes you through how to create an effective home working environment. You can also check out this ultimate guide to home working for more hints and tips for productive working.

We’re all in this together

So there you have it, healthy diet, exercise and having the correct home working environment can all help your mind and body stay healthy during the pandemic. So let’s stay positive, keep the good news rolling and support each other and we’ll come out stronger on the other side.

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