Introducing Truespeed 350

Announcements 24th November 2020

Introducing Truespeed 350, with 350Mbps guaranteed.

With the Truespeed 350 package, you will have the perfect solution for busy households and home working. With unlimited data and symmetrical speeds for £49.99 per month, you get incredible broadband and impeccable value for money.

Introducing Truespeed 350

We are delighted to announce the launch of our brand new packages. With prices from £29.99 and speedsup to 900Mbps – there really is something for everyone. So whether you enjoy a little bit of light browsing or need broadband with all the bells and whistles, our new range of guaranteed speed packages has something for everyone.

The Truespeed 350 package is perfect for busy homes and is our best value package. With seamless streaming, uploading and downloading across multiple devices, this 350Mbps package delivers the perfect broadband solution for busy families and home workers. In this blog we are going to deep dive into the 350Mbps package, covering everything from contention rates to competitors.

Truespeed 350 – who’s it suited to?

Households across the South West have been stuck with unreliable and frustratingly slow broadband for far too long. Impacting daily work and family life, outdated copper based networks are often oversold and under deliver with their sky high prices and only ‘up to’ or ‘average’ speeds.

But it’s not all doom and gloom. Truespeed’s 350Mbps package is the perfect broadband solution for busy homes thanks to its guaranteed ultrafast speeds, unlimited data and symmetrical upload and download speeds. With 24-7 reliable connectivity delivered directly into your home, the 350Mbps package is simply the best value for money solution when it comes to ultrafast broadband.

At £49.99 per month, Truespeed’s 350Mbps package offers incredible full fibre broadband that’s exceptional value for money.

So how is Truespeed’s 350 package different?

Have you ever wondered why your broadband slows down in the evening? It’s because of something called contention and is caused by multiple properties sharing one cable. It’s also known as contention ratio. For example, a contention ratio of 50:1 means there are 50 users all sharing the same fibre. At peak times times when lots of people are trying to use the internet, the speeds are split between all the users. The speeds become diluted as the network struggles to cope with the surge in demand, causing buffering, unreliable speeds and even drops.

Unfortunately, these outdated copper-based networks are often sold as ‘fibre’ despite only being Fibre-To-The-Cabinet (FTTC) which can only offer ‘average’ or ‘up to’ speeds. Meaning you’ll often pay top dollar for speeds you don’t actually get. But, there is an answer to how you can get more full fibre into your broadband diet without breaking the bank, and that is the Truespeed 350Mbps package.

Truespeed builds its brand new, ultrafast network from scratch. We only provide full fibre (also known as Fibre-To-The-Property or FTTP) which means every property gets its very own, dedicated full fibre line straight into the premises. Your contention ratio is 1:1 – it’s only your household using the broadband you pay for. It’s never split between properties and means you always get what you pay for. No ‘average’ or ‘up to’ speeds in sight, just the best value for money broadband around.

Is Truespeed 350 right for me?

Working from home

Working from home is the new normal for many of us, and reliable broadband that allows you to have Zoom calls without freezing, check emails at any time of the day and not waste time waiting for files to upload and download is essential for productive home working. There’s loads of great advice in Truespeed’s ultimate guide to working from home, and we can even give you 5 top tips in creating the perfect home office. But what truly underpins successful remote working, is ultrafast full fibre broadband.

With 350Mbps you can take the hassle out of home working. Unlimited data and your own dedicated line means you can work at whatever times suit you, without kicking the rest of your household off the internet just so you can send an email. You never have to worry about who else will be using the internet when you’ve got an important online meeting, your broadband will simply just work. No stress, no hassle and no extortionate prices.

Multi-device use

Running a busy household is no easy task and your broadband should help you run a harmonious home life. These days, everything from grocery shopping, banking, family entertainment, work and education rely on having decent, reliable broadband. Modern day lifestyles mean we’re multi-tasking and using more devices at the same time than ever before. So to make sure all the online needs of the entire household are catered to, you need broadband that’s up to the job.

With unlimited data and bandwidth that easily handles multiple devices being connected at the same time, Truespeed’s 350Mbps package means you can stream HD movies, upload pictures to social media and download music all whilst the kids are on HouseParty.

Next Level Gaming

Keep all the family happy with an ultrafast experience that allows you to stay at the head of the pack when it comes to gaming. Without getting too technical, our ultra-low latency broadband takes gaming to a whole new level. Play in real time with no lag, any gamer would be thrilled with the smoothest experience around thanks to 350Mbps symmetrical speeds.

Seamless streaming

Whether it’s watching family favorites on Disney+, binging your favorite boxsets on Netflix or enjoying every moment of action packed live sports, streaming is a huge part of modern day life. But there’s nothing more frustrating than the dreaded buffering wheel when your team is about to score as you enjoy BT Sport without being tied into a contract.

With Truespeed’s 350Mbps package, you can stream all the sport, movies and music you like without the buffering wheel making an appearance. Seamless HD streaming for all the family thanks to guaranteed, gigabit capable speeds. The perfect solution to online entertainment!

Buffer-free downloads and uploads

The UK’s average broadband speed is 64Mbps…so with 350Mbps you’re well ahead of the game when it comes to connectivity. But Truespeed doesn’t only beat the competition based on speeds alone. We provide symmetrical upload and download speeds and already have your future online needs handled thanks to our Gigabit capable network.

But why are symmetrical upload and download speeds important? Well, if you want the ultimate stress free broadband experience, only symmetric will do. They allow you to upload large files such as photos and videos in seconds, and you can download ultra HD 4K movies in a matter of seconds. Lots of providers will sell packages based on upload or download speeds alone, meaning you get good speeds on one or the other, but not with Truespeed. For us, only the very best will do and that’s why with our FTTP broadband you always get what you pay for. Reliable, ultrafast symmetrical 350Mbps speed 24-7.

All for only £49.99 a month, Truespeed’s 350Mbps package is perfect for busy homes. With seamless streaming and uploading and downloading consecutively across multiple devices, it’s the ideal broadband solution for home working and busy family life. And even better yet, it’s our best value ultrafast package, so you can rest assured you’re getting the very best bang for your broadband buck.

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Truespeed DO YOU GET IT?

Building an entirely new ultrafast network is a bit pricier than simply connecting to existing copper cabling. But we don’t think that’s a cost you should incur and, happily, neither does the government. With their Broadband Delivery UK Scheme, you get it for FREE.