Introducing Truespeed 900

Announcements 24th November 2020

Introducing Truespeed 900, with 900Mbps guaranteed.

Perfect for home offices, small businesses, busy households and heavy usage gamers, Truespeed 900Mbps is the ultimate high usage package at only £69.99 per month.

Introducing Truespeed 900

With prices starting from £29.99 and speeds up to 900Mbps, Truespeed’s brand new product range incorporates world leading technology with prices that are accessible to all. Derived from over two years of consumer research and product testing, the all new packages have been designed to give more people across the South West access to affordable, full fibre broadband. Thanks to a range of speeds and price points, there’s now a perfect package for everyone.

For those needing the ultimate high usage package, Truespeed’s 900Mbps package is ideal. Perfect for small businesses, home offices, heavy usage gamers and busy households, this blog looks at what you can do with the Truespeed 900 package, and covers everything you need to know about the ultimate ultrafast and high usage package.

Truespeed 900 – who’s it suited to?

The cream of the ultrafast crop, Truespeed’s 900Mbps package is the ultimate choice for large, data hungry households. With speeds 14 times faster than the average broadband speed for the UK, the South West having previously been left in the digital slow lane, is now reaping the benefits of some of the fastest broadband speeds in the nation.

A recent study conducted by Truespeed and The Somerset Chamber of Commerce highlighted the detrimental impact poor connectivity was having on businesses across the South West. Lobbying for change in the region, the introduction of Truespeed’s 900Mbps pack is leveling the digital playing field once and for all.

At £69.99 per month, Truespeed 900Mbps packages offers the ultimate broadband experience coupled with exceptional value for money.

So how is the Truespeed 900 package different?

Truespeed was designed with the future in mind. Our gigabit capable network can deliver up to 10Gbps and uses cutting edge technology to make sure our network is at the forefront of connectivity. Our future-proof network keeps our customers 10 steps ahead of the rest of the broadband pack, as our 900Mbps is unlike other providers thanks to our guaranteed speed, symmetrical upload and download speeds.

By connecting every premises to its own dedicated full fibre line, it means your contention ratio is 1:1. Your cable is never split between multiple properties so you never get ‘average’ or ‘up to’ speeds, with Truespeed you get the reliable speeds you pay for 24-7. We’re proudly unlike other providers who use Fibre-To-The-Cabinet and copper based networks, that split cables across multiple properties causing unreliable service, buffering and drop outs at peak times.

Is Truespeed 900 right for me?

Home Offices

For effective home working and the smooth running of small businesses from home offices, 900Mbps is the ideal solution. With two phone lines included and guaranteed ultrafast speeds that allow multiple devices to be connected at the same time, work and family life can blend harmoniously under one roof.

Truespeed’s 900Mbps fibre to the premises package has been designed with home workers in mind. Enabling remote workers to achieve next level connectivity with customers, suppliers, colleagues and employees. Key factors which are essential to anyone working from home is broadband that delivers; reliability, ultrafast guaranteed speeds, great customer service and support and value for money – and with Truespeed’s 900Mbps package, you get all of them.


900Mbps is a revolutionary speed for the gaming industry. From playing online competitively to downloading the latest games and updates, 900Mbps ensures you’re always at the head of the pack when it comes to gaming. Game file sizes are increasing as graphics continue to improve, which means the UK’s current average broadband speeds won’t be able to cope with the increasing data capacity needed for effective and enjoyable gaming.

With Truespeed 900Mbps package, you get guaranteed, symmetrical upload and download speeds 24-7. Because each property is connected to their own, dedicated full fibre line, it means you get reliable connectivity that doesn’t drop out or buffer at crucial times. We don’t offer ‘average’ or ‘up to’ speeds, just continuous 900Mbps even at peak times. Giving you the ultimate gaming experience that allows you to play the latest games within minutes after being released.

Latency is vital in gaming, especially if you’re competing in E-sports. Truespeed’s brand new infrastructure is designed to provide the lowest latency, so you can say goodbye to lag once and for all and hello to the smoothest gameplay. With a 900Mbps upload speed to match our 900Mbps download speed, you can stream your favourite game live and let fans across the world watch and interact with you in real time.

Downloading and streaming

Using the internet to download and stream things such as Netflix, Amazon Prime and Disney+ are essential for modern day life. And with options for both real-time streaming and downloading for offline viewing, the way in which we use technology for entertainment is continually evolving. But with 900Mbps you’ll always be one step ahead of the game when it comes to seamless streaming and lightning quick downloading. Busy households can rejoice as 900Mbps allows you to stream 4k movies on a staggering 36 devices at the same time with no drop in speeds.

With 900Mbps you can download 4K movies in 3.5 minutes compared to the 1.5 hours it would take to download the same movie on a 50Mbps connection. But it doesn’t stop there. With 900Mbps you can download an entire album in less than a second – so you can go about your daily life without wasting time waiting for your favourite soundtrack to download.


As technology continues to develop at an alarming rate, cloud back ups are becoming essential in data safety and effective online storage solutions, meaning upload speeds are more important than ever. 900Mbps allows you to instantly upload high res photos or 4K footage within minutes. Giving you peace of mind that all your important files, data sensitive information and sentimental photos can all be uploaded and safely stored in the blink of an eye. To discover more about the benefits of guaranteed, ultrafast upload speeds, check out Truespeed Champion Nick’s blog and see how they’ve transformed his work and family life


Ultrafast, full fibre broadband has transformed the lives of thousands of people, particularly when it comes to uploading precious photos, videos and work sensitive information to online storage solutions such as the cloud. Knowing your important files can be stored quickly and safely gives you peace of mind for the long run. To understand how gigabit capable broadband has improved everyday life, check out this handy blog on the top three benefits of ultrafast broadband

All for only £69.99 a month, Truespeed’s 900Mbps package delivers the ultimate broadband experience for large households and home workers in need of a high usage solution. Designed for data hungry home offices needing to upload and download large files in seconds, avid gamers and seamless streaming, the Truespeed 900Mbps package allows the entire household to use the internet how they want, when they want.

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Truespeed DO YOU GET IT?

Building an entirely new ultrafast network is a bit pricier than simply connecting to existing copper cabling. But we don’t think that’s a cost you should incur and, happily, neither does the government. With their Broadband Delivery UK Scheme, you get it for FREE.