Truespeed Connects 300 South West Businesses

News 27th July 2022

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Truespeed has connected 300 South West businesses to its ultrafast broadband network.

Bath-based full fibre broadband provider Truespeed has connected 300 South West businesses to its ultrafast broadband network. Bolstering the region’s economic prosperity, hundreds of South West businesses are now competing on a level digital playing field and are reaping the benefits of guaranteed speed connectivity.

Slow broadband speeds and unreliable connectivity are preventing many South West businesses from growing in an age when good connectivity is vital to success. Reliable broadband is paramount in enabling businesses to compete effectively, increase productivity and attract the best talent. Combined with long term adoption of flexible working, a broadband infrastructure that truly supports South West businesses has never been more imperative.

Truespeed’s state-of-the-art network delivers symmetrical upload and download speeds of up to 900Mbps for small to medium businesses, and up to 10Gbps for enterprise businesses. Companies of any size can fully utilise online systems that are vital to everyday business activity, without the worry of service dropouts. They also enjoy the added benefits of a 24-hour SLA, crystal clear video calls and the ability to upload and download large files in seconds. Designed as a future-proof broadband solution, the 10Gbps capable network ensures businesses’ future online needs are already taken care of.

Kelston Vets, Truespeed’s 300th connected business, has transformed animal diagnostics thanks to ultrafast connectivity, helping beloved pets recover and be reunited with their owners as quickly as possible.

“’Our in-house laboratory equipment and digital x-ray system rely on a fast and reliable connection. Truespeed’s broadband allows us to send, receive and share patient’s results instantly, leading to a more rapid diagnosis and effective treatment plan. Truespeed took the time to understand our business and suggested a package that best suited our broadband requirements. We’re looking forward to growing Kelston Vets knowing all our online needs are covered, so we can continue providing exceptional care for animals and their owners.”

Ian Cardiff, Veterinary Practitioner, Kelston Vets

“Truespeed is working tirelessly to improve connectivity across the South West and we’re thrilled to have connected 300 businesses to ultrafast broadband. It’s great that Truespeed is helping so many local businesses thrive by providing full fibre broadband they can rely on.” 

James Lowther, Truespeed CEO

Bringing the South West truly better broadband with its ultrafast network and unparalleled customer service, Truespeed’s community focused ethos also extends to providing free broadband for life to schools and community hubs passed by its network.

Truespeed is rolling out its ultrafast, full fibre broadband network faster than ever in order to help improve connectivity throughout the region. To place your order for ultrafast broadband, click here.

Kelston Vets is a family run practice who provides exceptional animal care. To find out more about this renowned local business, click here.

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