Truespeed’s Giant Portishead Easter Scavenger Hunt!

Announcements 31st March 2022

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Sense of adventure at the ready, Truespeed is hosting a giant Easter themed scavenger hunt in Portishead.

Looking for something free and fun to keep the whole family entertained over the Easter holidays? Well look no further as Truespeed has you covered!

To celebrate Truespeed bringing its full fibre broadband to Portishead and Clevedon, we’re hosting a giant Easter themed scavenger hunt that the whole family can enjoy. Burning off some energy out in the fresh seaside air, the little ones (and you of course) will be searching high and low for iconic Portishead locations and digging into delicious Easter themed treats.

Starting at Portishead Youth Centre, Truespeed will make sure your hunting team is equipped with everything you’ll need for your scavenger hunt before you set off. We’ll kit you out with adventure packs filled with bottles of water, picture maps and pens. So all you’ll need to bring with you is your sense of adventure!

Once you’ve got your adventure packs the race is on. Your team will be off out into Portishead looking for all the pictures on your map. Ticking each picture location off as you find it, you’ll be on the lookout for breathtaking views and some sneaky hiding spots on your whirlwind tour of Portishead.

Once your team of adventurers have ticked off all the locations, it’s back to base camp (Portishead Youth Centre) to collect their prizes. After all, it can’t be a scavenger hunt without some treasure at the end of it. We’ll have a Truespeed team (we’ll be in giant bunny ears so you can’t miss us) waiting eagerly for your return to check your maps and make sure you’ve successfully completed the scavenger hunt. We’ll then dish out your well-earned prizes of full-size Easter eggs for your whole team to tuck into

Now everyone loves an Easter egg, but we’ve also made sure the adults have the chance to win some pretty fabulous prizes…the kids can’t have all the fun! We’ll be running a giveaway where the grown-ups can be in with the chance of winning an Apple iPad, Apple pen and Apple Airpods. You can speak to any one of our Truespeed bunnies on how to enter and be in with the chance of winning.

Everything you need to know about Truespeed’s giant Portishead Easter scavenger hunt.

Date: Thursday 14th April 2022

Times: 10am – 4pm (you can arrive at any point between these times and the last map collection 3.30pm)

Location: Portishead Youth Centre, 1 Harbour Road, Portishead, Bristol, BS20 7DD

How it works:

  1. Start at Portishead Youth Centre and collect your adventure packs
  2. On foot, search for all of the picture locations on your map. Tick each one off as you find them until all the locations have been found.
  3. Once you have found all of the locations, return to Portishead Youth Centre and hand your completed maps to one of the Truespeed team members.
  4. The Truespeed team member will check your completed maps and will hand out one delicious Easter egg per team member.

So get your adventure hats on and get ready to enjoy Truespeed’s giant Portishead Easter Scavenger hunt. We can’t wait to see you all there!

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