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What is TrueSpeed?

We are a leading edge ultrafast, full fibre broadband business based in the South West. We are building a brand new network that removes frustration such as buffering, drops and slow speeds at peak times. We give the South West a truly future-proofed broadband solution that is unparalleled in its capability.

How are you different from other internet providers?

Unlike other companies who provide fibre to a cabinet and then copper cables to your property, we only use full fibre, direct to the premises connections which means we guarantee our 200Mb/s speeds.

How do I get TrueSpeed?

TrueSpeed are a demand led service, we bring our ultrafast full fibre service to communities where 30% of the population commit to our service. Your initial commitment is through a signed ‘Order Form’ which comes with no obligation until we have built in your area and your existing contract expires. 

How do you build and install?

Wherever possible, we use existing telegraph poles and ducting to connect you to our network to minimise disruption through digging. After discussing with you, we will install our equipment inside your home in the most convenient and practical place.

How do you guarantee your minimum speeds of 200Mb/s?

You get your own dedicated fibre line directly to your property which means your speeds will never be interrupted as the line is unique to you. This enables us to guarantee our speeds, which means no more fluctuations or drop outs during peak times. With TrueSpeed you always get what you pay for.

What if I’m in an existing contract with another provider?

You can still ‘Sign Up’ with TrueSpeed and count towards the 30% we need to build the network in your community. When your existing contract expires we then switch you across to the TrueSpeed ultrafast broadband service.

This sounds good, how much does it cost?

What you see isn’t always what you get when it comes to broadband, but our service is different. Others providers use the term ‘Up To’ speeds which often means you’re getting less than you are paying for. We promise you a reliable and steady service that offers guaranteed minimums speeds so you always get what you pay for. There are no hidden extras, we’ll even throw in a phone line which is included in our set monthly fee keeping things simple and clear. We pride ourselves on being better value for money than our competition and a like for like comparison of our service shows a saving of 41% per year.

Click HERE to find the right package for you.

When can I have it?

Being a demand led service, everything depends on you, your community and how quickly we reach the 30% required for us to build the network. Therefore, the sooner you and other residents can ‘Sign Up’, the sooner we can build our network. We aim to build the network within six months of the community reaching the 30% target. 



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