How do I connect my Sky Q box to the Truespeed router?

To get the best performance, we’d recommend using a hardwired connection from your Truespeed router into your Sky Q box.  If you go for this set up, you’ll need to select this option in the Sky Q box’s network settings.

If you are connecting your Sky Q box to the Truespeed Router using wireless, it’s important to select the TrueSpeed-XXXX network.  

The Sky Q Box is a dual band device capable of transmitting on a lower 2.4GHz frequency and a higher 5GHz frequency.   The Truespeed-XXXX network uses the lower 2.4GHz frequency and TruespeedUltra-XXXX operates on the higher 5GHz frequency.

Sky Q has been designed to support 5GHz when connecting to a Sky broadband router.   With your Truespeed router, the Sky Q box needs to be connected to the 2.4GHz service used by TrueSpeed-XXXX.

Check out our FAQ on the differences in the dual band wireless frequencies to learn more.