My devices can’t find TruespeedUltra Wi-Fi?

Different devices have different W-iFi capabilities so there may be a reason why you can’t find TruespeedUltra WiFi. Our TruespeedUltra-XXXX network requires devices to be classed as ‘dual band’ or ‘Wi-Fi 5’ and this indicates how much web data a device can utilise. Newer devices will more likely be built with Wi-Fi 5.

If your device can only find the Truespeed-XXXX network in your home, the wireless tech you’re using will likely be a ‘single band’ or ‘Wi-Fi 2.4’ device. So if your device is slightly older (in the tech years this means 5-10 years) it may not be able to pick up TrueSpeedUltra-XXXX and experience our maximum Mbps.