What are exit fees and how are they calculated?

Exit fees are charges applied to you by your provider when you leave an agreed contract term before it ends. When you cancel your Truespeed service, you need to give us 30 days notice.

In this 30 day notice period we bill you the monthly rate you’ve been paying with us (as per your contract), and around your leave date, an additional exit fee will be added to your final payment. The exit fee is calculated at 30% of your monthly bill multiplied by the number of months left on your Truespeed contract.

Here’s what that might look like:
30 days notice at £49.99
30% of £49.99 = £15.00
8 months left on contract = 8 x £15.00 plus 30 days notice of £49.99
Exit fees = £169.99

If you cancel your contract partway through the month, our Customer Service Team will calculate the cost of any days left until your normal monthly invoice and confirm this, along with the cost of your exit fees, when you call.