What do the lights mean on my Truespeed router?

When we connect you, you’ll have two boxes installed at your home. ​

1. The Wall Mounted FTU (Fibre Termination Unit) controls the fibre service coming into your home. This should have two green lights on display on the right-hand side at all times. ​ Lights: – Power Light: On – WAN Light: On

2. The second box, the Truespeed router, controls the connectivity of your devices and manages internet access. There should always be two green lights on the front (Power/DSL and WLAN). Lights: ​- Power/DSL: shows that the router is powered and a connection has been made. – WLAN: shows the wireless is enabled (transmitting and receiving). – FON/DECT: this light will go green when using the landline phone service. – WPS: Wi-Fi Protected Setup. The button below the WPS light enables pairing of wireless devices which are compatible with WPS. – Info/Information. This red light will come on if the router detects a problem.