When will I get connected after I sign up to Truespeed?

First, enter your postcode here to see if we’re in your area.

No Truespeed in your area? No worries. You can still register interest with us, which counts toward the target we need to build a new ultrafast network for you and your community.  When you’ve registered, we’ll let you know when your area has hit the target needed so we can start building. Then, when your existing internet contract ends, you give us the nod to get your home connected to ultrafast, full-fibre broadband. You’ll pay nothing until your broadband is live with us.

If Truespeed is already live in your community, we can get you connected in around 21 days or less. You’ll need to speak to your current internet provider to and let them know you’re leaving them and if you’re in contract with them, you might have to pay exit fees.

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