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Golden Ticket

The Truespeed Golden Ticket allows you to get a free month's service when you refer a friend, but like all offers there are terms and conditions to make sure it all runs smoothly.


Truespeed customers can

  1. Receive a free month’s service worth £47.50 when they refer a new customer who signs up to Truespeed, so long as their referred friend is completely new to Truespeed.
  2. Only refer new residential customers under this scheme.
  3. Only receive one free month’s service regardless of how many non-Truespeed customers they refer.

Referred Friends can:

  1. Join Truespeed as a new customer to receive their first month’s service for free (reverting to £47.50 from the 2nd month for the term of the 18-month contract)


  1. The referred friend must inform Truespeed of the name and address of the Truespeed customer who referred them, in order for both parties to be eligible for their free month.
  2. To claim the free month reward, the new order must be taken out in person with an Engagement Manager, or over the phone on 01225 300 370.
  3. The referred friend is responsible for informing the referring friend that they have named them as their referee.
  4. To be eligible to receive the offer, the referred friend must be inside a planned or built Truespeed area.
  5. After successful validation of the orders, both the existing Truespeed customer and the friend will be emailed regarding how to claim their respective rewards.
  6. The refer a friend offer is only applicable against a free month’s line rental and does not include phone calls. Any calls placed over the line will be charged as per the terms of the contract.
  7. This offer will be void if either party cancels their order prior to installation of Truespeed. Or if the referred party is already a customer.
  8. Truespeed withhold the right to withdraw this offer at any time without prior notice.

The Truespeed Golden Ticket

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