A Truly Future-Proof Broadband Solution

Blogs 25th September 2017


With internet access continuing to play a major factor in everyday life throughout the UK, rural communities are increasingly being left behind when it comes to sufficient broadband. Often coming across the problems of being ‘at the end of the line,’ full cabinets or broadband providers simply not providing infrastructure to remote areas, rural communities are increasingly frustrated at their lack of access to the internet.

In an aid to help combat this, a Connecting Devon and Somerset Scheme has been rolled out where applications can be submitted from communities until the end of September 2017 to see if they apply to the scheme. The scheme is a great helping hand in getting previously untouched areas connected. However, it still leaves the issue of communities who aren’t applicable or people who have missed the deadline, in the same predicament of extremely poor broadband connectivity.

To combat this, as an independent infrastructure and Internet Service Provider, TrueSpeed can help communities who are unable to be a part of the scheme, allowing multitudes of rural areas to be part of the ultrafast broadband revolution. As a non-government lead company, TrueSpeed doesn’t operate deadlines for people to register interest their interest within, nor is it restricted by the government as to where we can build. As TrueSpeed grow, we can expand the reach of our network allowing areas which don’t fall into the CDS scheme to be connected, providing hope for communities who have previously been unsuccessful in getting access to reliable broadband.

As technology improves, the strain it puts on having broadband capable of supporting its forever advancing capabilities increases. In essence, having an average download and upload speed will suffice for now, but as technology improves over the years, it will indefinitely struggle to keep up, leaving communities with the same internet struggles they are facing today. TrueSpeed’s fibre-to-the-premises infrastructure provides a future-proof alternative to traditional copper based broadband, combating the issue of broadband capable of withstanding advances in technology. With gigabit capability, TrueSpeed can simply increase the speed you receive via our remote server without having to re-wire any cables. So in simple terms, when you need even faster speeds, all you need to do is let TrueSpeed know and we turn up the speed dial.

With the funding from our investors, TrueSpeed provides a long term future for communities who are currently off the grid and suffering from poor internet connection. With no imposed deadlines and all areas welcome to register their interest, TrueSpeed provides hope for poorly connected communities throughout the South West and moving forward, throughout the UK.

Truespeed DO YOU GET IT?

Building an entirely new ultrafast network is a bit pricier than simply connecting to existing copper cabling. But we don’t think that’s a cost you should incur and, happily, neither does the government. With their Broadband Delivery UK Scheme, you get it for FREE.