TrueSpeed Secure £75 Million to build UltraFast Full Fibre Distribution Networks in the South West

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Aviva Investors, the global asset management business of Aviva plc (‘Aviva’), has committed £75 million to TrueSpeed Communications Limited (“TrueSpeed”) to support the roll out of TrueSpeed’s ultrafast full fibre broadband network across South West England.

Established in 2015 to deliver a fibre-optic infrastructure network across South West England, TrueSpeed provides residential and commercial customers with multi-gigabit capable symmetrical speeds through a full fibre network. TrueSpeed already provides this service to homes connected to its fibre-to-the-premises (FTTP) network throughout the Chew Valley, Somerset, transforming the way people live and work in rural communities.

The partnership with Aviva Investors allows TrueSpeed to accelerate its expansion strategy to pass up to 75,000 homes and businesses in the region.

Ian Berry, Head of Infrastructure Equity, Aviva Investors

“I am delighted that Aviva Investors has helped bring this innovative partnership with TrueSpeed to fruition. This is another example of how we work to support the delivery of essential infrastructure in the UK, while also providing our institutional investor clients with access to long-dated income streams to help ensure the payment of pensions potentially decades into the future.”

Sean McLachlan, Senior Director, Infrastructure Equity, Aviva Investors

“Aviva Investors is pleased to support the rollout of TrueSpeed’s ultrafast FTTP network. There is a clear and growing demand for this essential infrastructure across the country, in particular rural locations. The funding Aviva Investors is providing will allow TrueSpeed and its management team to accelerate its business plan and network expansion to provide world class infrastructure to users who are currently underserved.”

TrueSpeed CEO, Evan Wienburg

“This is brilliant news for the residents and businesses in our region. This significant investment will enable TrueSpeed to roll out the full fibre network infrastructure and services the region has needed and will provide our customers with a high-quality broadband and data capabilities for the first time. This brand new infrastructure will be capable of handling the speed requirements of our customers now and in the future at a competitive price and with a regional service focus. My whole team is very much looking forward to working with Aviva Investors and delivering some of the fastest and most reliable internet found anywhere in the world. Fast, Fair, Forever!”

TrueSpeed, The Rickyard, Newton St Loe, BATH, BA2 9BT

For media enquiries, please contact: Director of Marketing Jodie Brown 01225 300372, 07792 802994 

We are a demand-led service which means we are in a privileged position to deliver service wherever you live across the South West. All we need is for you to tell us you want gigabit connectivity by registering your interest. On average, we require a minimum of 30% sign-up rate to begin building and in the example of Priston; this took us just five weeks to make the village LIVE!

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