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splash the cash or save the pennies...what to do when it comes to broadband?

With so many broadband packages and prices out there, it’s hard to make heads or tails of what’s actually the best value for money when it comes to connectivity. With ‘cheap fibre broadband’ plastered all over the place, it’s hard to distinguish what kind of broadband you should be looking for if you want reliable service…which let’s face it, we all do. The problem with these ‘cheap broadband deals’ is that they’re leaving thousands of people short changed, and struggling with service that isn’t up to scratch.

So to help you get the best value for money when it comes to broadband, we’ve put together a rather handy blog that will turn you into the savviest of shoppers in just a few minutes…happy days!

Obvious options aren’t always the best choice

A mega ‘what’ per second? Contention with who? Fibre to the where? From packages to providers, making sense of the bits and bytes of broadband can seem like an impossible task. And with all the terminology flying around out there, it’s easy to take the most obvious option that providers are selling.

Opting for the fastest speeds or lowest prices might seem the most obvious options, but they’re not always the smartest. Paying for a 500Mbps package isn’t a good move if you only get close to those speeds at 3am when no one else is online. And at the other end of the price spectrum, that £20 a month deal doesn’t seem such great value when your connection cuts out more often than it cuts the mustard.

The past few months of Covid-19 lockdown have shown us how essential good broadband is to the smooth running of our daily and working lives. And revealed just how many of us are still splashing the cash on out-of-date broadband that’s slow, unreliable and often drops out altogether.

So how do you make sure broadband can hold its own against a Playstation-playing teenager, a student studying virtually, a toddler tantrumming for Frozen on a never-ending loop and Grandma WhatsApping with her sister while parents are working their nine-to-fives remotely?

Bandwidth or speed?

Everyone talks about broadband speeds. Of course, they’re an important measure for broadband. But at peak times, with everyone on their devices, speed alone won’t get you very far: bandwidth will.

Think of bandwidth as the road or motorway: at rush hour, when there is a lot of traffic congestion, the number of lanes available will impact how fast the cars – in this case your broadband network users – can drive. Having enough bandwidth is like having the fast lane all to yourself – you can speed along happily without all those frustrating stop/starts. By contrast, if you have insufficient bandwidth to cope with all the other users on the digital highway, you will get shunted into the slow lane.

So a broadband provider might claim to offer 500Mbps speeds, but if your network doesn’t have this bandwidth capacity available, then it simply won’t be able to reach those speeds.

Sharing is caring, but not when it comes to broadband networks. While ultrafast full fibre (also known as FTTP/FTTH i.e. fibre to the premise or home) is undeniably the only route to consider, be careful which flavour you choose. Some full fibre providers (rather cheekily in our opinion) split their fibre between households on a street. Because you are sharing the same fibre you can easily get caught up in digital traffic jams at peak times.

At Truespeed we don’t want you to have to share your fibre. Which is why with us you get your own dedicated digital ‘road’ right to your door – and the bandwidth you need guaranteed 24/7. And if and when you find you need more in the future, our service is equipped to offer speeds up to 10Gbps.

Our full fibre promise

So you’re set for life, whether you’re work-from-home-video-calling, learning about Shakespeare in a virtual classroom or box-set binging on Netflix. That’s because our network is future-proofed and will last for generations. Once our infrastructure is built, that’s it: we can remotely increase speeds at any time. This means, unlike other providers, we won’t need to dig up roads in years to come to make sure your broadband still lets you accelerate hard and fast.

Value for money today and tomorrow

While you can certainly find cheaper inferior broadband services elsewhere, more and more people during the pandemic are realising just how important guaranteed speeds and ultra-reliability are to their daily lives. And how our service is a great investment that offers value for money and stops you wasting valuable time on spinning wheels and dropouts.

And when you put it like that, knowing your online needs are taken care of for years to come, is the best piece of mind and value for money you can possibly get. So what are you waiting for, take the wheel on your dedicated digital lane and place your order for Truespeed’s ultrafast broadband here!

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