Directly in to your home

TrueSpeed delivers a fibre optic cable to each and every home.

Home 200

Included in the package

A must for households that enjoy streaming movies, downloading music, video calling and surfing the web.

  • Connect 5 - 9 devices with no drop in speed
  • Enjoy unlimited data usage
  • Uploads as fast as downloads
  • Local support
  • Phone line included
Contract: 18 month(s) Maintenance: 5 business days Installation fee: £120.00*


Per month (incl. VAT),
18 month contract

*The standard installation charge is £120. Truespeed will contact you to discuss any specific requirements that you may have regarding your installation.

Add a calling plan to your package

Make the most out of your service by adding a calling plan

  • UK Evenings and Weekends - Unlimited calls to UK landlines on evenings after 7pm and all weekend £2.99/month

  • Anytime UK - Unlimited calls to UK landlines and 0845/0870 numbers anytime £6.99/month

    You can also subscribe to the following bolt-on packages if you have subscribed to one of our calling plans

  • Mobile 250 - 250 minutes of calls to UK mobile numbers each month £4.99/month

  • Mobile 750 - 750 minutes of calls to UK mobile numbers each month £9.99/month

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