No More Buffering, No More Sharing, No More Waiting.

Join the thousands of households now enjoying truly better broadband. With us, switching is easy with no interruptions and guaranteed broadband speeds. Even if you're currently in a long-term contract, TrueSpeed will wait and switch you over when the time is right for you. 

With Free Installation* (normally £120) for the first 30% of customers that sign up, feeling the power of ultrafast has never been easier. *Free Standard Installation T&C's apply.

To learn more about how we're genuinely changing lives across the South West...

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Are you ready? Sign up, even if you're still in a contract! 

Sign up now to count towards your community threshold & simply tell us when you would like our service to commence and we will start billing you from that date. We'll even give you a free 'taster' month where you can enjoy TrueSpeed free of charge whilst you wait for your existing contract to end.

It's a No Cash Conditional Contract so there is really nothing to lose, just a whole lot of full, fast, fibre to gain! 

Register your interest to keep informed or click sign up now & see if your community is next. 

We're releasing new communities all the time. Make it Happen.

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