The speed you need Truespeed 80

For £29.99 per month, Truespeed’s 80Mbps package is our most affordable package that provides you with your own dedicated full fibre connection, guaranteed symmetrical upload and download speeds and great customer care.


80Mbps broadband with router

Plan overview with add-ons

We are proud of the fact that when we say 80Mbps, we really mean 80Mbps. With your own dedicated fibre line, you get the speed that you pay for, 24/7. We’d recommend this package for single person households and light internet usage.

  • Landline pay as you go call plans and minutes starting from just 8p/ minute

  • Landline evening and weekend packages and call plans starting from £2.99/ month

  • Landline unlimited anytime packages and call plans starting from just £6.99/ month

Most Affordable

Truespeed 80


Why Truespeed 80

Guaranteed speeds

80Mbps all day, every day. That’s both upload and download speeds!

Solo users

World-leading ultrafast connectivity with local South West customer care.

Great value broadband

The ideal package for one-person households and light internet usage.

Local trustworthy care

Dedicated fibre-to-the-property broadband for a fraction of the price.

Our Ultrafast Packages

Upload or download, we’re a load off your mind. It’s time to start living the stream dream with any one of our low-cost, high-speed broadband packages.

Truespeed 80


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How to get Truespeed


Get streetwise. Search your postcode to check if Truespeed is in your local area – and then register your interest. We only build networks where there’s demand.

Hit the target. Once you’ve spread the word and your community has registered enough interest in Truespeed, our engineers will be inbound to your area to set up a brand new Truespeed network.

Realise your Truespeed. When we’re good to go, you’re good to go, ultrafast. Sign up to a Truespeed package, set up an install date and get connected.

Wired differently

We’re wired differently from other broadband providers because we (literally) wire your broadband differently. With us, you get your own full fibre connection while other providers still keep you using copper cables shared with your neighbours.


And unlike other providers, we don’t just promise broadband speeds – we guarantee them. With your own dedicated, ultrafast connection, there are no more peak time problems. You get 100% of the speeds you pay for 100% of the time.


We’re also different because we’re demand-led service who deliver ultrafast networks for people-powered communities. With Truespeed, neighbourhoods and villages, towns and tower blocks can come together to provide themselves with new digital infrastructures for today and for generations to come.

Ready to get your Truespeed of 80Mbps?

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