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Up to £300 Credit Promotion T&C's

Who is eligible?

  1. New residential customers, new business customers and existing residential or business customers that are not yet live, with an active TrueSpeed Sales Order, that are in an existing contract for broadband services with their current provider:
    1. You must sign up to one of the following plans:
      1. Home 200
      2. Home Office 250
      3. B200 - Business customers only
      4. B250 - Business customers only
      5. B500 - Business customers only
      6. B1GB - Business customers only
    2. Subject to signing up to a 24 month contract with TrueSpeed for fibre broadband services (TrueSpeed landline service is included)
    3. Open to all new & existing residential and business properties that are not yet live, but have access to our ultrafast fibre network and can be installed within 30 days from point of order.
    4. You agree to provide proof of termination fees from your current supplier to within 45 days of your TrueSpeed service going live to claim your credit (Please see “How to Claim” for more details)
    5. You must have an active direct debit in place with TrueSpeed when your service goes live as you’ll still be charged for any calls you make, charged per min, or any call plans you have on your TrueSpeed landline.

How to claim:

  1. Sign up now by calling us on 01225 300 370, or by visiting

    1. Promotion expires midnight on 31st May 2020. Truespeed reserves the right to extend this promotion at any point.
    2. Once you’ve paid your early termination charges from your current broadband provider, send the following information to within 45 days of your TrueSpeed service going live:
      1. Your name and address
      2. Your TrueSpeed contract number (eg SO12345)
      3. A copy of your final broadband bill, that clearly show the termination fees
      4. Proof of payment of the broadband termination charges (copy of a credit or debit card statement, or bank statement)
    3. Your billing relationship with TrueSpeed will start from the date your service goes live. You’ll be charged for any TrueSpeed call plans, telephone services and calls (if pay as you go) from go live. Any TrueSpeed broadband services used from go live, up until the point at which we receive the above confirmation of your termination fees and payment of your existing broadband contract, will be deducted from your total credit amount. Excludes any installation fees.
    4. Credit will be applied to your TrueSpeed account within 14 working days of receiving the above.
    5. If your evidence is not received within the timeframe stated above, TrueSpeed reserves the right to start billing you for any services used to date, up until the evidence is received. Once received the credit will be applied to future bills.

Any exclusions?

  1. Any order placed after the 31st May 2020 will not be eligible for this offer
  2. A maximum credit of £300 will be added to your TrueSpeed account
  3. The credit applies to broadband services only. You’ll still be charged for any call plans you selected at the time of placing your order.
  4. If you take a new number as part of your contract with TrueSpeed, any call plans selected will start being billed monthly, pro-rata’d from the date you went live.
  5. If you take a new number as part of your contract with TrueSpeed and choose pay as you go, any calls made will be charged in your next monthly bill.
  6. If you requested to port your existing phone number, your call plans and features will not go live and start being billed until your number has ported to TrueSpeed and is live. Any calls made on your TrueSpeed phone line between this time will be charged accordingly.
  7. Any other services provided as a bundle from your current broadband provider, or as a separate contract from another provider, will not be included in the credit amount towards termination fees. (e.g.TV packages, call minutes, line rental, mobile packages)
  8. The broadband service you are terminating and claiming early termination credit for, must be at the same address that we are providing a new TrueSpeed service to
  9. This promotion is not available to existing customers who have a live service or are not in an area where we can connect to our live network within 45 days.
  10. This promotion is not available in areas where we do not have a live ultrafast fibre network.
  11. TrueSpeed reserves the right to stop this offer at any time.
  12. You’ll have a 14 day cooling off period from the date you place your order. Any credit claimed will not be applied to your account until after the 14 day period is passed at which point you’ll then be subject to TrueSpeed termination terms and conditions, which can be found on our website (need to check this is the right URL)
  13. If, for any reason you don’t submit the evidence as requested above, and decide not to apply for credit, you’ll stay on the 24 month contract that you signed up to. There will not be an option to reduce the contract term.
  14. If you decide to cancel your contract at any point within the 24 month term, any credit balance remaining cannot be used towards part payment of exit fees and is non-refundable.
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