Introducing Sky Stream with your Truespeed broadband

Watch TV and stream hundreds of shows from Sky and Netflix delivered over Truespeed’s ultrafast, full-fibre broadband.

Stream to your hearts content with Sky and Truespeed
A relationship made in streaming heaven

Sky Stream and Truespeed

Whether you’re a box set fanatic, high score-hunting gamer or a music nut, with Truespeed’s ultrafast full-fibre broadband, you can experience endless entertainment at the touch of a button.

And now, with Sky Stream delivered over Truespeed Broadband, you can stream your favourite shows and films in the palm of your hand (quite literally), and stream them straight to your TV or device. If you’re not already a Sky customer, you’ll have instant access to hundreds of latest hits from Sky Entertainment and Netflix, from just £23 a month.

Simply complete your Truespeed broadband order and we’ll send you an exclusive link to access your Sky Stream offer.

Introducing Sky Stream

Seamless streaming

With Sky Stream, the entire family can enjoy over 30,000 shows, including Sky Originals, Netflix, Discovery+ and so much more – in crystal-clear HD, and all at the same time.

Super smooth gaming

Hop online and play with friends, and download new games with no stuttering or delays.

Non-stop music

Stream new albums with no problems on Spotify, Amazon Music, or Apple Music.

Why Sky Stream?

Simple, plug-and-play set-up. With Sky Stream, there’s no need for a dish. So no complicated install. Delivered directly to your home, just plug it in and you’re ready to go.

The most affordable way to watch Sky TV. As well as including all the brilliant entertainment Sky TV has to offer, Sky Stream also enables you to watch all your favourite shows on Netflix and Discovery+. And all at less than £1 per day.

Tailored to your home. The Sky Stream puck can be plugged into any TV throughout your home. So whether you fancy some light entertainment while you’re in the kitchen, or want to settle in for a film night in the living room, Sky Stream has you covered. And, with Whole Home Wi-Fi from Truespeed, you can always upgrade your order with extra pucks.