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From community to buffering, people are at the heart of what we do. Discover everything from where we started to where we’re going!

Where it all began

The Truespeed story began back in 2014.  We realised the usual suspects were only interested in connecting the densely populated (and therefore more lucrative) easy to connect areas.  The only way the South West was going to get better broadband was to do it ourselves.  And that’s when Truespeed was born.

The idea was simple; deliver faster, more reliable broadband to the long overlooked communities of the South West. Priston was the first lucky village to get the Truespeed treatment in 2015 and so began the roll out of our brand new network.

Since then, we’ve rolled out our network to over 200 communities, from Glastonbury to Street, through Shepton Mallet and Keynsham to the historic city of Wells – and have earned ourselves thousands of happy customers. But, we’re not stopping there, we’re already building a better broadband network in Portishead and we’ll be announcing more lucky areas soon.

How we’re truly better

Your own full fibre line all the way to your router

Giving you greater stability and guaranteed speeds

Perfect video call connection and rapid file transfers as standard

Friendly, local customer support and a money back guarantee

Where we are now

We’re based in Bath (including our customer service) and the original band of six has grown to a talented and diverse team of more than 150 employees – all from the local area – ably supported by a team of highly skilled subcontractors.

We continue to invest millions in our network with the aim to reach a further 500,000 homes and business by 2026.  In the past year alone, we have doubled the size of our network.  Something we intend to repeat year on year.

And, we’re proud to say, we’re now serving a number of rather fabulous local business including the likes of Yeo Valley and Thatchers.

Community at our core

Community is in Truespeed’s DNA. Born out of the desire to help people overcome the struggles poor connectivity has on everyday life, we believe everyone has a right to ultrafast, reliable broadband no matter their postcode.

Ensuring whole communities can benefit from ultrafast broadband for generations to come, we connect free ultrafast broadband for life to every primary school and community hub passed by our network.

Over 80 schools and hubs, including village halls, libraries and sports centres are already reaping the rewards of free full fibre connectivity, allows vital funds to be put back into curriculums and activities that are lifelines to local residents.

Our ethos is based around community, which means we support and invest in local communities in any way we can. We love working with charities, businesses and local initiatives to help people reinvigorate and safeguard their beloved community hubs for the future.

Every community is different, and Truespeed is passionate about supporting people in the ways that matter most to them.

Ready to getTruespeed

Most providers use old copper cables and expect you to share them with your neighbours. With Truespeed, you get your own bespoke full fibre connection, that’s shared with no one else, and installed for free with the government’s Broadband Delivery UK Scheme.

Are you ready for truly better broadband?

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