Welcome to our referral program

Are you ready to start spreading the word? If you are already a Truespeed customer, you can now earn money to spread the good news about us!

How it works

Refer A Neighbour

Sign up to our referral program today and start spreading the word. Simply fill in your details and you’ll be given a unique link to send on to friends, family and neighbours.

They’ll just need to add their email address on the link you send them, sign up to Truespeed and 31 days after being installed, you’ll both be emailed your gift cards! We regularly refresh the offers we have and gift cards we offer, but you’ll get the choice of at least 3 retailers – including the likes of Amazon, Just Eat, Argos and many more.

You can share your link as many times as you’d like and you will be able to claim rewards for up to 5 referrals – that’s £175 for you and £125 for them!