What our network means for your community

While building our network means causing some short-term disruption, our long-lasting full-fibre infrastructure brings plenty of long-term benefits.

One of Truespeed's fibre engineers takes his ladder down as he prepares to connect another customer to our growing network

Whenever we prepare to rollout our full-fibre network to new areas across the South West, we look to use existing infrastructure – such as telephone poles and underground ducts – as much as is practically possible. Partly to reduce disruption our building works may cause, but also so that we can connect customers and communities to our broadband as quickly as possible.

Where this is impractical, we then have to install our own underground and overhead network – which can cause some short-term disruption in the areas we work in. This is unfortunately unavoidable, but we always aim to minimise any disruption to communities and the public while we build.

However, once our full-fibre, ultrafast network has been installed and is ready for customers to get connected, there are plenty of brilliant benefits and advantages our network brings to every area we pass.


Advantages of our network in your area

The benefits and advantages of ultrafast connectivity to your area are as far-reaching as they are varied.

As well as bringing ultrafast, ultra-reliable broadband directly to your router, our full-fibre network also provides your area with adaptable and scalable connectivity that’s perfectly-suited to your community’s ever-increasing online needs for decades to come.

We also provide free broadband connections to local primary schools and community hubs in areas our network passes, and future-proof communities by supporting local causes, clubs, projects and initiatives to flourish and grow –  especially when times are tough, and when other providers are leaving these sorts of areas behind – in any way we can.

Improved connectivity has been proven to increase house prices in the surrounding area, and also means local businesses can enhance their online offering to customers throughout the South West and beyond.