The DCMS Gigabit Voucher Scheme

What is the Gigabit voucher scheme?

The governmental Department for Digital, Culture, media and Sport (DCMS) provides funding to help with the cost of building your Gigabit capable, full fibre connection. Their aim is to increase the full fibre coverage across the UK as we are currently the worst in Europe.

Because full fibre connectivity relies totally on newly installed fibre optic cables and not existing BT copper networks, it is able to give the fastest and more reliable internet available – and be upgradable when required.

The process is simple.

1. During the sign-up process, you will be asked if you wish to take advantage of the Gigabit Voucher scheme and claim your free standard installation? If you say yes then we apply to DCMS for a voucher on your behalf. To do this, we need:

  • Your go-ahead to apply
  • The details you signed up with
  • If you are a business, confirmation that you are an SME

You do not have to say yes, but if you don’t then there will be a charge for your installation.

2. Once DCMS receives the application, you should receive an email from them asking you to confirm that you are connecting to.

3. You need to reply within 28 days to make sure you quality for the Free installation. We will remind you though.

4. Then simply wait for us to connect you. Once you’re all up and running we tell the DCMS and they’ll send you another email to make sure you’re happy with the service.

5. When you’re connected, you’ll see on the first invoice that the installation fee has been charged and then refunded. However, if you don’t reply to both emails, then you will be eligible for the charge.

We’ll boost your speeds

As part of the scheme, once you’re live and have confirmed that with the DCMS, we’ll boost your speeds. We give you a 50Mbps speed boost on the 80Mbps, 350Mbps, 500Mbps and 900Mbps package. On the 200Mbps package, we give you a 100Mbps boost.

If you have any further questions on the voucher scheme, please don’t hesitate to call us on 01225 300 370 or contact us.

More information about the Gigabit Voucher Scheme