Introducing Truespeed 350

Truespeed 350 is a perfect package for busy households and home working. With unlimited data and speeds of 350Mbps, you get great value, non-stop ultrafast broadband to cover all your devices.

350Mbps broadband with router

Truespeed 350

We are proud of the fact that when we say 350Mbps, we really mean 350Mpbs. With your own dedicated fibre line, you get the speed that you pay for, 24/7.

Guaranteed speeds

350Mbps all day, every day with no peak time problems and dependable upload and download speeds.

Local trustworthy care

World-leading ultrafast connectivity with local south west customer care.

Multiple users

Ideal for families and busy households that use all devices, all the time

Great value broadband

Fibre-to-the-property for a fraction of the price.

Our Ultrafast Packages

Upload or download, we’re a load off your mind. It’s time to start living the stream dream with any one of our low-cost, high-speed broadband packages.

Truespeed 80


Up and down

Dedicated full fibre connectivity, symmetrical upload/download and great customer care.

Best Value



Up and down

Ultrafast broadband to cover all your devices 24/7, for busy households and WFH.



Up and down

Seamless streaming, upload files in seconds and never sound like a robot on conference calls.

gamer’s choice

truespeed 900


Up and down

For home offices, heavy usage gamers and super busy households. It doesn’t get better.

How to get Truespeed


Get streetwise. Search your postcode to check if Truespeed is in your local area – and then register your interest. We only build networks where there’s demand.

Hit the target. Once you’ve spread the word and your community has registered enough interest in Truespeed, our engineers will be inbound to your area to set up a brand new Truespeed network.

Realise your Truespeed. When we’re good to go, you’re good to go, ultrafast. Sign up to a Truespeed package, set up an install date and get connected.
Speed guarantees

for now and the future

Truespeed networks were designed for the future. Being gigabit enabled, our localised networks can deliver big bandwidth of 10Gbps which means our customers are streets ahead of others lagging behind on other providers.

Ready to get your Truespeed of 350Mbps?

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