Truespeed shortlisted for three Connected Britain Awards

Following a record-breaking 2022, we’re delighted to announce that we’ve been shortlisted for three awards at this year’s Connected Britain Awards.
September 12, 2023

We’ve been working hard to bring full-fibre connectivity to homes and businesses throughout the South West since 2014.

Each year has seen us expand our very own full-fibre network further and further, with our number of live customers growing every day.

And after a record-breaking 2022, we’re delighted to announce that we’ve been shortlisted for three Connected Britain Awards ahead of this month’s ceremony.


Rolling out our full-fibre network

Ensuring everyone in the South West can enjoy the countless benefits of full-fibre connectivity has always been at the heart of everything we do. And in 2022, we were able to rollout more of our network than ever before.

Groundbreaking innovations in how we build saw us expand our network faster and more efficiently, meaning we were able to reach new customers in homes and businesses throughout the region.

Our dedicated teams have worked tirelessly to aid our growth, which is why we’re delighted to see their hard work being recognised in making the shortlist for the Project Rollout Award.


Innovative offerings for South West businesses

Nowadays, having a strong and reliable Wi-Fi connection is vital to every business. That’s why we offer all our business customers a bespoke broadband package which can be tailored to their needs.

Going above and beyond for our business customers means they can do the same for theirs. And with a stable connection to our ultrafast full-fibre network, we can provide them with peace of mind and help them grow.

Unlike other providers, we install our full-fibre connections directly to business’s premises. As a result, being shortlisted for the B2B Business Service Provider of the Year Award is a testament to such innovations and all our hard work.

Customers at our core

“Doing things differently” has been central to our ethos from our very first day in business. But it doesn’t just mean connecting rural towns, communities and businesses with cutting-edge connectivity.

Everything we do is geared towards caring for our customers. Whether it’s offering them a diverse range of products, or supporting them with our very own Bath-based call centre and flexible pricing structure, we strive to ensure every single one of them receives an exceptional level of service.

Reaching the shortlist for the coveted Broadband Provider of the Year Award is a fitting reflection of the efforts we’ve made to improve our offering, and is something we’re incredibly proud of.