We’ve made a storming start to 2023

Following a record-breaking few months, we’re delighted to report a sky-rocketing rate of growth in 2023 as we look to bridge the digital divide and secure the future of the South West for generations to come.
May 17, 2023

Here at Truespeed, we’re pushing hard on the accelerator as we continue our transition from a start-up to a scaleup with our sights firmly set on continuing to bring residents and businesses across the South West the full-fibre broadband they deserve.

Aiming to pass 500,000 properties (meaning each is ready to get connected) with our very own full-fibre network by 2025 – all while delivering exceptional customer service – we’re powering forwards on our mission to build a better kind of broadband business.

Scaling operations across the business meant 2022 saw us break countless records – from properties passed, to overall sales, to numbers of customers connected to our network and many, many more.
That’s why we’re delighted to report that our sky-rocketing rate of growth has continued well into 2023 – and looks set to do so for many years to come.


Expanding our network into new areas

Our network is growing all the time. So much so, in fact, that we’ve been able to expand its footprint by 25% in the first five months of this year alone.

In doing so, we can now offer ultrafast connectivity to 75,000 properties throughout the South West – heralding a 364% increase in our network’s rollout compared to the same period last year.

It’s a momentous achievement, and is a testament to the hard work our dedicated team have put in to ensuring our planning and build procedures are as efficient and streamlined as possible.


Investing in areas throughout Bath, and beyond

Part of this expansion has seen us rollout our network into areas close to our home here in Bath. We’ve invested an additional £6 million into the city and surrounding areas as our network’s grown to encompass properties in Batheaston, Bathampton, and Bathford.

We’ve also made a further investment of £24 million in Somerset and Wiltshire, with our network coverage now extending into both rural and semi-urban towns and villages across the region.

Such investment and expansion has enabled an additional 27,500 properties combined to get connected to our network in Frome, Faulkand, Trowbridge, Mark, Woolavington, and Walton.

This means – instead of putting up with slow average speeds and poor customer service from big-name providers – residents and businesses can now experience guaranteed speeds and full-fibre connectivity from a local, independent provider.

Passing more properties than ever before has also allowed us to connect even more customers to our network, with 15,000 now enjoying all the brilliant benefits that come with ultrafast broadband – putting us well on target to meet our goal of doubling our network footprint and live customer base by the end of 2023.


Connecting hubs and schools for free, and for life

April saw us pass yet another landmark moment as we connected our 150th community hub as part of our “Free Broadband, For Life” promise, in which we offer a free connection to state schools and community hubs in the areas we expand our network into.

In receiving a free connection to our full-fibre network, Glastonbury’s St Benedict’s Junior School became the 40th local primary school to get connected.

Combined with the 110 free connections provided to local community hubs, we’ve now been able to provide more than 5,700 children with direct access to ultrafast, full-fibre connectivity.

“For us, while these milestones may sound impressive, our journey is just as much about our commitment to the region,” says James Lowther, our CEO.

“Our customers, and the communities they call home, are at the heart of everything we do; something we believe differentiates us from other providers in the area, and is key to all our success, to date.”


Want to find out if we’re in your area?

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