Network Access & Wayleaves

Before we install ultrafast broadband infrastructure for your community, we have to carefully plan our engineering work and arrange for access we may need to private land.

At Truespeed, we build and operate our very own full-fibre network and this allows us to guarantee that our customers receive the speeds they pay for.

The first step of bringing ultrafast connectivity to your community is to carefully plan the network build and arrange any access we may need to privately-owned land.

As part of this process, the Network Access team and the Planning team conduct site surveys to identify the most effective way to build your new infrastructure.

The site surveys will reveal areas and locations where the Build teams may require access to install the new infrastructure for your community.

Once these areas/ locations have been identified, the Network Access team will locate and meet the relevant landowners, building owners and Local Authorities to arrange for access.

Why should I agree to access?

By gaining access to existing poles and ducts, we will not only minimise potential disruption but also reuse existing access options and reduce new street furniture.

Offering access will not result in any extra cost for you and does not place any obligation on you to take up our services once everything is installed – although there are plenty of reasons why you may want to!

By agreeing to access, you will increase the saleability of your home, support new infrastructure for your community and improve employment and business opportunities for your area.

Local businesses who require reliable connections to thrive, families balancing home-working with school work, neighbours who rely on video calls to stay connected with family, and regeneration projects bringing local talent and businesses to your area… everyone benefits from the upgrade to our future-proof, full-fibre infrastructure.

As our way of paying things forward, Truespeed also offers free connections to state schools and community hubs in the areas we expand our network into.

One of our engineers is installing our full-fibre line using an existing phone line pole. We can occasional do this to stop any roads being dug up.

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