Apartment buildings

If you live in or own an apartment building, here is where you can learn more about the brilliant benefits full-fibre connectivity can bring to your building, the installation process, how you can register your interest in our services, and arranging access.

If you’re looking for information about general access or new developments, click below.

Why is it beneficial to get fibre installed in my building?

Full-fibre installation helps building owners get a better return on their investment, retain existing tenants, and makes the property more attractive to prospective tenants.

We offer free standard installation of future-proof broadband in all our network areas at prices usually lower than current service providers. Tenants will also be covered under the free standard installation promise, and they’ll still have the choice of any service provider on their existing network, with the extra benefit of a full-fibre option from Truespeed.

If you’re a building owner, click here to discover more about the numerous benefits of our full-fibre network and what it means for your property and the surrounding area.

One of our engineers is installing our full-fibre line using an existing phone line pole. We can occasional do this to stop any roads being dug up.

Living in a flat or shared building?

Depending on the size and layout of your building, we’ll need agreement from the building owner or managing agent to complete your installation. There are a few ways to help speed the process along. If you’re able to share contact details for the building owner or managing agent with us, please fill in our Network Access contact form, or email us at networkaccess@truespeed.com. We’ll collect some details and from there, our Network Access Team will be able to approach them about access.

Building owners and managing agents often act more decisively when they know their residents are keen for the installation, so please make sure to inform them of your interest in getting a full-fibre connection installed. You can download and send them our useful info pack so they can find out everything they need to know about our network, installations, and more.

FAQ for residents

Can the building owner refuse access?
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Building owners and agents

While we’re building in your area, we’re offering a free, standard installation of a future-proof broadband connection. Tenants will also be covered under the free standard installation promise, should they choose to switch from their existing connection and opt into receiving the numerous extra benefits that come with our full-fibre broadband.

So, why accept our offer of a full-fibre installation?

As well as bringing ultrafast broadband to both your building and its tenants, full-fibre connectivity also presents plenty of other brilliant benefits. Improved services such as ultrafast connectivity also makes your property more attractive to both current and prospective tenants.

Our network is also completely future-proofed – meaning it can handle all your tenants’ current and future online needs – and presents residents with a faster, more reliable alternative to their existing services.

For more information surrounding our full-fibre network, how we install it, and how we arrange any access needed to do so, check out our booklet, our FAQs below, or email us at networkaccess@truespeed.com to speak to one of our team directly.

FAQs for building owners and agents

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Can I refuse access for my tenants to get a fibre installation?