I want to keep my existing landline phone number

If you want to keep your number, it’s super important not to close your old phone contract down after you’ve signed up with us. This short overlap allows us to contact your existing landline supplier, locate your number and port it across to your new Truespeed service. If for any reason, we don’t have this transition time, we can still switch you over to Truespeed, we’ll just issue you with a new number.

To port / carry on with your existing number you need to complete the PNPA form which is attached to the activation email we send within 24 hours of your installation. Fill out the form and email it to back to us at ultrafast@truespeed.com and we’ll start the porting process.

Porting your number can take between 10-15 working days and you’ll receive confirmation of the date your landline number will be transferred to your Truespeed service. On this date your number is ported and ready to use so, you can plug your landline cable into your Truespeed router to be connected. And this date also means you can cancel the service with your existing provider.