How isTruespeed truly different?

We can guarantee you will get the speeds you pay for because we’re building a truly better network for Somerset and the surrounding area. How? Everything you need to know is below.

Are you ready for truly better broadband?

How we

Guarantee our speeds

We build new localised ultrafast networks that allow us to connect every Truespeed customer with their own full fibre (aka Fibre-To-The-Property) cable. This full fibre cable is yours, and yours only which means: rapid uploads and downloads, zero buffering, and no sharing your service with neighbours at peak times.

With our packages, there are no ‘averages’ or ‘up to’s’. We guarantee your Truespeed service with reliable 24/7 connectivity and great value, ultrafast broadband with no hidden costs or in-contract price rises.

How we’re truly better

Technology that works for you

Full fibre (or Ultrafast as it’s also known) extends all the way to your front door. Which means there is no loss of speed and the line is yours and yours alone.

What you see is what you get

If we say you’ll get 900Mbps you’ll get a MINIMUM of 900Mbps . Quite simply, you get what you pay for with Truespeed.

Championing the South West

We’re proud of where we come from which is why we are building an infrastructure which will enable the region for generations to come.

Great value for money

We might not be the cheapest, but we do offer all our customers a fair price for a service that works how and when they need it.

Customer Reviews

Giving back to our local communities

Giving back to our local community is part of who we are as a business. With our head office based in the heart of Bath, we proudly connect our local schools, village halls and community hubs to free broadband, for life.

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Have Questions

  • Will i get charged by my current call provider for porting my phone number to Truespeed?

    Once you ‘port’ or transfer your number to Truespeed, your current copper phone line is deactivated by your current provider.  This means any services that used the old phone line won’t be available any more.

    You won’t get charged for having two phone lines for one property, but it’s a good idea to let your current broadband/call provider know that you’re leaving them, as there may be cancellation fees if you’re still in contract.

  • When will i get connected to Truespeed?

    If Truespeed is already in your area, we aim to get you connected within 21 days – usually less.

    First up, you need to sign up to one of our packages.  Once confirmed, we’ll check that everything is good to go from our side.  Our installation team will then be in touch to book in your installation.

    Installation appointments are morning or afternoon, Monday to Friday and we ask that someone over 18 will be in. On the day, the installation team will go through the steps to get you connected. Installs take about an hour in total but this might vary depending on how much work is needed for your property.

    If you’re interested in knowing more about Truespeed’s installation process, check out this blog.

  • What Truespeed call packages are available?

    We’ve a number of great call packages and bolt’s on to allow you make the most of your phone line.  They may even save you a bit of money too.  Don’t forget, whether you use it or not, we include a landline for free when you sign up to a Truespeed package, so no more line rental.


    Our call packages can save you money on calls to other landlines. Any calls you make from your landline are charged at 8p per minute and 12p per minute per mobile phones. There is a 10p connection charge for any calls you make out. To save money on your calls, you can choose from one of the following call plans and bolt ons.

    UK evenings and weekends unlimited | Unlimited calls to UK landlines on evenings after 7pm and anytime, over the weekend


    Anytime UK unlimited | Unlimited calls to UK landlines and 0845 & 0870 numbers at anytime


    Truespeed UK Call Prices


    Choose one of our call packages and you can opt to add a bolt on for mobile and international calls.  Saving you even more money.

    We also have bolt-on’s providing value if you are regularly calling mobile users or making international calls.

    Mobile 250 | 250 minutes of calls to UK mobile numbers per month


    Mobile 750 | 750 minutes of calls to UK mobile numbers per month


    International 750 | 750 minutes of calls to 40 destinations worldwide.


    TrueSpeed International Call Prices



    To add any of these plans to your Truespeed service, call our Customer Service team on 01225 300370.

  • I’m in a contract with another provider, can i still switch to Truespeed?

    First, enter your postcode here to see if we’re in your area.

    No Truespeed in your area? No worries, you can still register with us! Registering gives you the upper hand as you’ll be first to know when we’re building in your area so you can prepare to go ultrafast! Then, when your existing internet contract ends, you give us the nod to get your home connected to ultrafast, full-fibre broadband. You’ll pay nothing until your broadband is live with us.

    If Truespeed is already live in your community, we can get you connected in around 21 days or less. You’ll need to speak to your current internet provider to and let them know you’re leaving them and if you’re in contract with them, there may be exit fees to pay.

    Get info on all our packages here.

  • How do i get free installation with Truespeed?

    To get your free installation with Truespeed, you need to take part in the UK government’s Gigabit Voucher Scheme. (Read all about here).

    All you have to do to get a free installation is tick two boxes during your signup. The first box lets us know that you want the free installation and the second box gives your consent for us to apply for the Gigabit Voucher Scheme. As long as your property is eligible, you’ll get free installation when we connect you.