The speed for youTruespeed 150

Truespeed 150 is our most affordable package. With your own dedicated full fibre connection we can guarantee you’ll always enjoy the ultrafast speed you’re paying for. So switch today and you can say goodbye to peak time buffering and hello to silky smooth zoom calls.

Are you ready for truly better broadband?

Guaranteed Connectivity

The ultimate choice for growing households. Everyone will stay WI-FI satisfied with this guaranteed speed!

  • Guaranteed Speeds

    150Mbps all day, every day with no peak time problems and dependable upload and download speeds.

  • Local trustworthy care

    World-leading ultrafast connectivity with local South West customer care.

  • Big data-hungry households

    Busy households and properties with big data demands.

  • Great value
    Fibre-to-the-property for a fraction of the price.

Truespeed 150


For growing households

You don’t have to take our word for it

We know our broadband is better, but it’s still great to hear what a difference it’s making for our customers.

Choose the speed that’s right for you

All our great value packages come with the same peace of mind and friendly, local customer service. Just choose the speed that’s right for you.

Truespeed 150

Guaranteed download speed
  • Perfect for browsing/ shopping
  • Zyxel Wi-Fi 5 router
  • Not Mesh Wi-Fi ready
Special Price Was £40
/ per month
12 Month contract

Truespeed 300

Guaranteed download speed
  • Perfect for family streaming
  • Linksys Wi-Fi 6 router
  • Mesh Wi-Fi ready
Special Price Was £50
/ per month
12 Month contract

Truespeed 900

Guaranteed download speed
  • Perfect for all leisure and work activities
  • Linksys Wi-Fi 6 router
  • Mesh Wi-Fi ready
Special Price Was £70
/ per month
12 Month contract

All our packages come with:

  • Free installation
  • 30-day money-back guarantee
  • Phone line available

For new customers only. T&Cs apply

Have questions?

  • I’m in a contract with another provider, can I still to Truespeed?

    First, enter your postcode here to see if we’re in your area.

    No Truespeed in your area? No worries. You can still register interest with us, which counts toward the target we need to build a new ultrafast network for you and your community. After you’ve registered, we’ll let you know when your area has hit the target. Then, when your existing internet contract ends, you give us the nod to get your home connected to ultrafast, full-fibre broadband. You’ll pay nothing until your broadband is live with us.

    If Truespeed is already live in your community, we can get you connected in around 21 days or less. You’ll need to speak to your current internet provider to and let them know you’re leaving them and if you’re in contract with them, there may be exit fees to pay.

    Get info on all our packages here.

  • When will i get connected to Truespeed?

    If Truespeed is already in your area, we aim to get you connected within 21 days – usually less.

    First up, you need to sign up to one of our packages.  Once confirmed, we’ll check that everything is good to go from our side.  Our installation team will then be in touch to book in your installation.

    Installation appointments are morning or afternoon, Monday to Friday and we ask that someone over 18 will be in. On the day, the installation team will go through the steps to get you connected. Installs take about an hour in total but this might vary depending on how much work is needed for your property.

    Find out more about Truespeed’s installation process here

  • I want to keep my existing landline phone number

    When you switch to Truespeed, you can transfer your current telephone landline number to us. This is a process called ‘porting’ – which has a one-off cost of £15. Alternatively, if you’re happy with a new landline number, there’s nothing to pay or do.

    If you want to keep your number, it’s super important not to close your old phone contract down after you’ve signed up with us. This short overlap allows us to contact your existing landline supplier, locate your number and port it across to your new Truespeed service. If for any reason, we don’t have this transition time, we can still switch you over to Truespeed, we’ll just issue you with a new number.

    To port / carry on with your existing number you need to complete the PNPA form which is attached to the activation email we send within 24 hours of your installation. Fill out the form and email it to back to us at and we’ll start the porting process.

    Porting your number can take between 5-7 working days and you’ll receive confirmation of the date your landline number will be transferred to your Truespeed service. On this date your number is ported and ready to use so, you can plug your landline cable into your Truespeed router to be connected. And this date also means you can cancel the service with your existing provider.

  • I’ve moved into a property with Truespeed, how do i get connected?

    If you’ve found Truespeed in your new home and want to continue with us, (good choice by the way) the first step is to open up your own Truespeed account. Enter your postcode here, provide some details and pick your ultrafast broadband package. You’ll get a landline included and can choose mobile bolt-ons if you need them.

    Once you’ve done this, we’ll aim to get you connected and up and running within 21 days (usually less). We’ll get the details of your property’s supply updated and will contact you to book an appointment with our install team to double-check your Truespeed equipment and connection is all working correctly. If something’s up, the install team will sort it out there and then.

  • What do the lights mean on my Truespeed router?

    When we connect you, you’ll have two boxes installed at your home. ​

    1. The Wall Mounted FTU (Fibre Termination Unit) controls the fibre service coming into your home. This should have two green lights on display on the right-hand side at all times. ​ Lights: – Power Light: On – WAN Light: On

    2. The second box, the Truespeed router, controls the connectivity of your devices and manages internet access. There should always be two green lights on the front (Power/DSL and WLAN). Lights: ​- Power/DSL: shows that the router is powered and a connection has been made. – WLAN: shows the wireless is enabled (transmitting and receiving). – FON/DECT: this light will go green when using the landline phone service. – WPS: Wi-Fi Protected Setup. The button below the WPS light enables pairing of wireless devices which are compatible with WPS. – Info/Information. This red light will come on if the router detects a problem.

  • What is the difference between broadband and Wi-Fi?

    What is broadband?

    Broadband is a high speed internet connection which you can connect to using a wire or wireless. There are many different types of broadband you can find out more about each one here. We offer FTTP broadband, otherwise known as fibre-to-the-premises. We use fibre optic cables to run a direct connection to your home.

    What is Wi-Fi?

    Wi-Fi is a type of wireless internet connection which you can use on your devices without needing an ethernet cable. Wi-Fi is like having an invisible wire that connects your devices to the internet.

    What’s the difference between broadband and Wi-Fi?

    Wi-Fi is a signal sent from the router to your device. Broadband is the connection that is set up to  your property. Find out more.