Ultrafast guaranteed speedTruespeed 600

For bustling web-busy households, look no further.

Our heavy use, high value package is the go-to choice for gaming, streaming, working from home and rapid uploads and downloads. A happy family, or your money back.

Are you ready for truly better broadband?

Guaranteed Connectivity

We are proud of the fact that when we say 600Mbps, we really mean 600Mbps. With your own dedicated fibre line, you get the speed that you pay for, 24/7.

  • Guaranteed Speeds

    600Mbps all day, every day with no peak time problems and dependable upload and download speeds.

  • Local trustworthy care

    World-leading ultrafast connectivity with local South West customer care.

  • Multiple heavy users

    Families and busy households with big data demands.

  • Great value
    Fibre-to-the-property for a fraction of the price.

Best Value

Truespeed 600


Families and busy households with big data demands

Speed guarantees

For now and the future

Truespeed networks were designed for the future. Being gigabit enabled, our localised networks can deliver big bandwidth of 10Gbps which means our customers are streets ahead of others lagging behind on other providers.

You don’t have to take our word for it

We know our broadband is better, but it’s still great to hear what a difference it’s making for our customers.