The Truespeed Story

Since connecting our very first village back in 2015 to passing our 60,000th property, we’ve come a long way since setting out on our journey to bring full-fibre connectivity to towns and communities across the South West. 


Truespeed is founded

Fed up with slow, unreliable broadband in the rural areas where they lived, our co-founders decided they do something about it. The answer? Truespeed: a broadband provider with a desire to do things differently; one with a community-focused ethos and a drive to bring the hard-working people of the South West the full-fibre broadband they deserve. 


Priston connected

We connect our very first village to full-fibre broadband! Following 12 months of rapid progress, Priston in Somerset becomes the first village to get connected to our full-fibre, ultrafast broadband. 


Aviva investment

As we continued to grow and go from strength-to-strength, we were able to secure our first tranche of funding from Aviva Investors, with their £75m investment enabling us to significantly scale up the rollout of our full-fibre network.


We’re on the move

While our network grew month-on-month, the Truespeed team was doing the same. So much so that we soon outgrew our beloved office inside a converted barn in Newton St Loe, prompting our move to Keynsham.


Award-winning broadband

This year was very special for us as we won a number of awards for our efforts to bring truly better broadband to rural areas.

First, the Independent Network Cooperative Association award us with their coveted Gold Standard certification. This was followed a few months later when we were thrilled to receive our very first Bath Life Award for Technology in 2019.

Then we were incredibly honoured to win the ‘Best Rural Broadband Provider’ at the 2019 ISPA awards.


More awards & a move into Bath

Hot on the heels of our first award, we were honoured to then receive our second consecutive Bath Life Award for Technology just a year later!

After outgrowing our very first office back in Newton St Loe, it wasn’t long before we outgrew our second, prompting our now 150-strong team of local, up-and-coming talent to move to our current headquarters in the heart of Bath.


Continued growth

Despite the challenges posed by the COVID-19 pandemic, our team continued to grow throughout 2021, with James Lowther – our newly appointed CEO – looking to lead us into a new era in 2022 and beyond.

With this growth across our team, at all levels, we’re able to roll out our network faster and more efficiently. We announce plans to bring our full-fibre network even further into Glastonbury, Street, and Shepton Mallet.

Truespeed are delighted to announce we're connecting Glastonbury to our ultrafast full-fibre network

We announce our ambitious plans for the future

The rollout of our network is given another boost as we receive a further, significant investment, enabling us to build quicker than ever before and connect more communities to our full-fibre network.

Following this second tranche of investment, we announced our ambitious plan to pass 500,000 properties with our full-fibre network by 2025.

A Truespeed engineer working on one of our full-fibre cabinets

We connect our 150th community hub

As part of our long-standing community-focused ethos – which sees us provide a free connection to a community hub and primary school in every area our network passes – we connected our 150th hub and set out our sights on connecting even more throughout 2023 and beyond.