Everything You Need To Know About Ultrafast Broadband

Guides 31st July 2020

Unveiling the real benefits of ultrafast broadband, this blog discusses how ultrafast speeds can boost productivity, improve online security and make family life easier. This is your ultimate guide to everything you need to know about ultrafast broadband.

What’s the big deal about ultrafast broadband? I already use the internet for pretty much everything in my day to day life, so I can’t really see what benefits I’ll get from switching to full fibre broadband – sound familiar? Thought it might. We get it, putting the real difference ultrafast broadband makes in daily life into words isn’t easy. But, at Truespeed we’re passionate about showing you just how impactful full fibre can be to your personal, working and family life.

So to help bring the benefits of truly reliable connectivity to life, we sat down with Truespeed Champion Nick, to discover first hand just how much life has changed since being connected to full fibre. Crammed full of real-life examples of everything you need to know about ultrafast broadband, this, is a champion guide to full fibre connectivity.

What are the top three benefits of ultrafast broadband?

  1. Greater productivity at work
  2. Better online security
  3. Stress free family life

How has ultrafast broadband improved productivity at work?

Because of the reliable, ultrafast speeds I get I’m definitely more productive when it comes to my work, which makes a big impact on how much I can get done day to day. I’m a photographer and film maker so I’m always uploading files onto my computer. Before getting full fibre broadband, I could be waiting almost 12 hours just to upload 2 gigabytes of film…you can imagine how frustrating this was for me! It was crazy how some days would be so unproductive simply because of poor broadband.

Thankfully, now the same uploading large video files and thousands of pictures takes me minute, I’m more productive and less stressed when it comes to work. Like most people these days, I use video calling daily which before Truespeed I would have never been able to do. I used to have to go into the office just for a Zoom call as the old copper-wires based system I used to have simply couldn’t cope with it. Now I make all my video calls from the comfort of my own home which makes things far more productive now that I don’t have to travel all over the place for meetings.

How does ultrafast broadband make work more secure?

Online security and data protections is paramount to my work, so I need to be sure my online storage is safe and secure. It’s so important to make sure my files are safe as every clip is valuable and the moments cannot be repeated. I used to back up my back-ups on external hard drives for extra security but this was so inefficient and time consuming. Now I can quickly and efficiently access the Cloud and other secure online platforms, I have peace of mind knowing my files are safe without the need for external hard drives. With my ultrafast broadband a simple file transfer program or email system is all I need.

How has ultrafast broadband made family life easier?

The kids are so much happier now they can stream Netflix and play Xbox all at the same time. We can also stream films and music without the worry that the internet would drop out. Broadband really is a modern-day utility so it’s not surprising the negative impact it has on everyday life when you’re stuck with endless buffering and poor connectivity.

We were lucky enough to have ultrafast broadband before the pandemic started, which has made the big change in daily life much less stressful. We’re very fortunate to be able to easily keep in contact with friends and family because of the such reliable connectivity. Our weekly online quiz’s and FaceTiming grandparents have gone without a hitch. No buffering, freeze face or having to call each other back.

When school life changed to home educating, productivity wasn’t an issue as they didn’t spend ages waiting for online lessons to load. Full fibre has made home schooling and working from home all under one roof so much easier than we originally thought. It really puts into perspective how vital reliable connectivity is for the future as we continue to adapt to our new normal.

What was the most frustrating thing about unreliable broadband?

It made my work life so much harder than it needed to be! My photography files are huge which made sorting, storing and editing them an endless task especially when it came to downloading them in bulk. Not exactly helpful when you’re trying to multitask and work efficiently from home.

Having ultrafast broadband means I can now easily store photos and videos on iCloud. It’s far more efficient especially when clients call asking to see pictures at a moment’s notice. I found myself wasting so much time simply trying to find the images by searching manually, but now just a quick search online and the image is found. Then I simply download to my phone and send directly to the client – it’s made life so much easier. I’m also far more productive as I can start editing pictures the same day as the shoot because uploading is so quick and easy.

Why did you become a Truespeed Champion?

I was desperate to get ultrafast broadband as quickly as I could. As you can imagine, a house full of everyone trying to stream movies, play Xbox, listen to music and download recipes for dinner is just chaos when the internet isn’t working. I had registered my interest with Truespeed, but as a demand led service more of my community needed to raise their hands and let them know they wanted ultrafast broadband before the network could be built.

I knew by becoming a champion I could help speed up the process, so I contacted Truespeed and they equipped me with everything I needed to help spread the word within my community. By helping out at events, chatting with neighbours, handing out flyers and using my knowledge to help others understand the benefits of fibre-to the-property we soon reached the levels needed for Truespeed to start building. Becoming a champion made a real difference in how quickly we were able to get connected. So if like me you’re passionate about full fibre broadband, I’d recommend you read Martin’s blog becoming a Truespeed champion and contact the team to become one for your area.

So there you have it, the top 3 benefits of ultrafast broadband wrapped into one handy blog. A combination of benefits including greater productivity, improved online security and a stress free family life are all ways ultrafast broadband can help improve your daily life.

Truespeed DO YOU GET IT?

Building an entirely new ultrafast network is a bit pricier than simply connecting to existing copper cabling. But we don’t think that’s a cost you should incur and, happily, neither does the government. With their Broadband Delivery UK Scheme, you get it for FREE.