Celebrating our 150th free community connection

Discover how our ‘Free Broadband For Life’ promise makes a meaningful difference to communities across the South West as we connect yet another hub to our full-fibre network.
April 25, 2023

Ever since we were founded in 2014, we’ve been on a mission to make sure no community is left behind when it comes to connectivity.

Because everyone should have access to reliable, ultrafast broadband – regardless of where they live or where they happen to call home.

That’s why we’re committed to providing a local community hub or primary school in every area we expand into with a free, lifelong connection to our full-fibre network.


Bridging the digital divide…

We were created with one goal in mind: to bridge the digital divide and bring ultrafast broadband to rural, semi-urban and suburban areas throughout the South West.

Since setting out on our journey to do so, we’ve passed over 70,000 properties (meaning they’re all ready to get connected) with our network, and invested hundreds of millions of pounds into communities just like yours.

But connecting local hubs and organisations to our network for free doesn’t just mean we’re able to extend the benefits of full-fibre connectivity to those who may not ordinarily be able to afford it.

It also means we’re helping to level up the digital capabilities of the South West for generations to come, and enabling much-loved hubs to continue to bring communities together – especially when times are tough.


Our 150th free community connection

Eight years of rapid growth has seen us connect 39 primary schools and 110 community hubs to our network so far.

And now, we’re delighted to announce Glastonbury’s St Benedict’s Junior School as the 150th recipient of our ‘Free Broadband For Life’ promise.

We’re delighted to announce Glastonbury’s St Benedict’s Junior School as the 150th recipient of our ‘Free Broadband For Life’ promise.

“Reliable connectivity is vital to our school,” says St Benedict’s Junior School’s Headteacher, Piers Ranger.

“Our previous broadband connection would buffer constantly, and it was a struggle to download and upload documents. The difference in our connection’s speed and reliability since connecting to Truespeed’s network is remarkable.

“It’s had a hugely positive impact for our students and our teachers. And now, thanks to the money we’re saving with Truespeed’s free connection, we have a wonderful opportunity to invest in our ICT hardware.”

But don’t just take Mr Ranger’s word for it…

“In our ICT lessons, everything is much quicker now,” says Lily, a Year 6 student at St Benedict’s. “It used to always say ‘No Internet Access’, but since having Truespeed, whenever I click to go on the internet and do my work it opens straight away!”

We’re thrilled that our full-fibre network is already making a meaningful difference at St Benedict’s, and can’t wait to connect even more local schools and hubs throughout the coming months and years.


What is full-fibre broadband?

Put simply, full-fibre broadband is the fastest, most reliable form of broadband you can install in your home.

Unlike most “fibre” connections from other providers – who install a fibre connection to a box up the road and leave the rest to an old copper cable – we connect a full-fibre line directly into your router.

That’s why we guarantee you’ll always receive the speeds you pay for, meaning you can finally say goodbye to inaccurate average speeds and peak time congestion.


Want to find out if we’re in your area?

Our network is always growing, and is perfectly suited for all your online needs, regardless of whether you like to stream, surf, game, or even run your own business.

If you’d like to learn more about our wide range of services, visit our Homepage and check your postcode to find out if we’re in your area, and discover truly better broadband today.