East Harptree Community Hub Connected

We've brought full-fibre connectivity to St Laurence Church. Find out more about the latest community hub to receive a free, lifelong connection to our full-fibre network.
August 4, 2023

From our very first days as a start-up based inside a converted barn in Newton Saint Loe to where we are today, local communities have always been at the heart of everything we do.

Why? Because we believe communities across the South West should be able to access ultrafast, full-fibre broadband – regardless of where they happen to call home.

And to ensure our belief could become a reality for communities throughout the region, our Free Broadband For Life promise has been a key part of our operations since 2014.


Truespeed’s Free Broadband For Life promise

This commitment provides community hubs in every area we expand our network into, with a free, lifelong connection to our full-fibre broadband.

Because being able to utilise a fast and reliable broadband connection is essential for the buildings and institutions that lie at the heart of the communities they serve.

With our Free Broadband, For Life promise, we’re able to extend the benefits of full-fibre connectivity to those who may not be able to afford or access ultrafast broadband at home, and enable hubs to free up much-needed funds they can then reinvest elsewhere.

So far, we’ve delivered more than 150 such connections to deserving hubs across the South West. And as our network continues to grow, we’re delighted to announce East Harptree’s St Laurence Church as the latest hub to get connected.

St Laurence Church gets connected…

A historic landmark dating all the way back to the 12th century, it’s safe to say that St Laurence Church has long been at the heart of the East Harptree community.

As a venue it supports local residents of all ages, hosting art groups, concerts, weddings, funerals, the Harptrees History Society and the local Guides group. The church also works closely with East Harptree School, offering space for lessons and online learning.

The church also has a close relationship with the nearby East Harptree Primary School, providing teachers and students with an opportunity to get out of the classroom and utilise a different space to enjoy lessons and online learning.

Until now, the church had been unable to fulfil its true potential as a means of supporting the local community due to its lack of a fast, reliable broadband connection.
But with a free connection to our full-fibre network, the church can now expand its reach within the parish and offer an even more varied range of benefits to the wider community.


Transforming the connectivity for a 12th century church

“Our new Truespeed connection is going to help us to achieve plenty of things,” says Guy Stobart, one of the Wardens at St Laurence Church.

“Now, we’ll be able to stream events (such as weddings and funerals) so family members and loved ones unable to attend can still be part of the special day. It’ll also make updating our interpretation touchscreens– and improving our digital communications with the local community – much easier.

“We can now take contactless payments for the first time, which has been a big help when it comes to taking donations, and means we no longer need to keep a safe or cash boxes in the church, which have sadly been broken into in the past.

“It also means we’ve one less cost to worry about, as the funds we’d have needed to improve the church’s connectivity ourselves can now be put into the ongoing restoration and maintenance of the building itself.

“As a result, Truespeed really are helping to protect and support this local heritage site for future generations.”


Want to find out if we’re in your area?

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