Business Partnership With Somerset Chamber Of Commerce

The partnership aims to help bring awareness and change to the region as we work to support and invest in Somerset’s long-term prosperity.
August 3, 2020

Bringing the South West out of the digital slow lane, Truespeed’s ultrafast, full fibre broadband is supporting businesses by providing the infrastructure they need to compete on local and national levels. Supporting businesses with not only our network, Truespeed strives to work alongside organisations that help business owners and employees in every aspect of working life. The Somerset Chamber of Commerce provides help and support for business across the region and Truespeed are thrilled to become its latest Business Partner.

Having worked with Somerset Chamber of Commerce last year on a business and broadband survey to highlight the need for better infrastructure in the region, we knew by collaborating again we can collectively work to bring much needed change to Somerset.

As official Telecoms Business Partner our aim is to help businesses understand the long term importance of fibre-to-the-property broadband for both efficiency and competitive advantage. Guaranteed speed connectivity is becoming more vital than ever, particularly with unprecedented levels of home working because of the Covid-19 pandemic. Collaborating with the Somerset Chamber of Commerce will help provide the modern-day utility of ultrafast broadband to both businesses and employees in Somerset.

“We are delighted to announce Truespeed as Business Partners of Somerset Chamber of Commerce. We’ve had a long relationship with the Truespeed team, partnering with them on the broadband survey last year which further highlighted the need for ultrafast broadband for many companies across the region. Digital connectivity for business is critical for the continued success of organisations across Somerset and we’re looking forward to working closely with Truespeed as Business Partners to address this need.”

Alistair Tudor, Operations Manager at the Chamber 

“Having previously worked with the Somerset Chamber of Commerce to understand how businesses can be better supported, it was a natural progression to collaborate again and start making real change in the region. It’s great that we’re starting a new chapter with the chamber, that aims to ultimately equip Somerset businesses with the infrastructure and connectivity they need to compete and create long term stability and success.”

Jez Allman, Director of Sales for Truespeed

You can discover more about the chamber and their work here.

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