What’s the difference between superfast and ultrafast broadband?

Is there really a difference?
April 17, 2023

It can sometimes be a little confusing when looking for a new broadband package. There is a lot of industry lingo that isn’t clearly explained. One of the most confusing is when it comes to speed.

Different providers offer a range of products marked up as either superfast or ultrafast, without ever really pointing out the difference. In truth, there is actually a significant difference in the speeds you will receive.

What is superfast broadband?

Superfast broadband is a connection that offers speeds between 24Mbps and 300Mbps.

To get these speeds you’ll either have a part-fibre connection, which uses new fibre lines to your local cabinet and then a fibre line into your home, or full-fibre broadband which is a single fibre line throughout.

Superfast broadband is a good option for smaller homes of one or two people who enjoy streaming TV and music, shopping online, using social platforms and the occasional video call. If you’d like to switch to a superfast broadband package we have Truespeed 150 for just £25 a month.


What is ultrafast broadband?

Ultrafast broadband is a connection that offers speeds between 300Mbps and 900Mbps.

These speeds are perfect for busier homes where you might have a number of people trying to work, game or stream at the same time. If you’re thinking of getting an ultrfast broadband package then a good tip is to go for a full-fibre connection, rather than a part-fibre one. With full-fibre, not only will you always get the faster speeds your paying for, you’ll also get that as an upload and download speed. So video calls for work or online gaming won’t be impacted at peak times.

If you’re thinking of switching to an ultrfast broadband package we have Truespeed 300, Truspeed 600 and Truespeed 900.