Jacob Rees-Mogg Visits Truespeed

Jacob Rees-Mogg has visited Truespeed to show support for the full-fibre broadband provider's work in improving connectivity throughout the South West.
November 15, 2022

Two weeks ago, the Secretary of State for Business*, Jacob Rees-Mogg visited Truespeed as the company continues to improve connectivity throughout the South West. Thanks to the rollout of its ultrafast, full-fibre network, Truespeed is connecting businesses and residents across the region to some of the fastest broadband speeds in the world.

Since its inception in 2014, Truespeed has been on a mission to bring the South West out of the digital slow lane by bringing the region’s businesses and residents the ultrafast broadband they deserve. Investing millions into building a brand new, gigabit-capable broadband infrastructure, Truespeed is levelling the digital playing field once and for all with a target of providing 500,000 premises with access to futureproof, full-fibre broadband.

Following Truespeed’s record-breaking year that has seen the Bath-based company expand to employ 200 people in the local area, connect over 11,500 customers, pass over 50,000 properties and deliver ultrafast connectivity to over 350 local businesses, the Secretary of State for Business Jacob Rees-Mogg visited the company to show his support for the positive impact Truespeed is having across the region.

“Being connected is vital these days. Truespeed has not only increased the scope for communication but it has given companies the chance to perform on a more equal playing field, which was not previously available. As a customer of Truespeed, I know how reliable the service is and how crucial it is. Good connectivity is essential for rural business and leisure activities and I understand that Truespeed continues to invest millions in its network with the aim to reach a further 500,000 homes and businesses by 2026. This really is a success story and something that the South West should be proud of and thankful for.”

Jacob Rees Mogg, Previous Secretary of State for Business

“As a local company, we’re incredibly proud of Truespeed’s work in helping people across the region by delivering full-fibre broadband they can truly rely on and it’s incredible to see how our service is genuinely transforming everyday life for the better. Access to ultrafast broadband is essential, yet the South West has been underserved and struggling with poor connectivity for years so we’re working tirelessly in rolling out our network so more communities than ever before can benefit from ultrafast connectivity.

We’ve had a remarkable year and reaching significant milestones such as employing over 200 people in the local area, 11,500 live customers and passing 50,000 properties underpins how vital our service is. As we continue to grow as a company and expand our full-fibre network, it’s great to be able to share our progress with the Business Secretary and have their support as we improve connectivity throughout the South West and take its residents and businesses out of the digital slow lane.”

James Lowther, Truespeed CEO

Alongside improving the South West’s connectivity, Truespeed is a high-growth business that is having a significantly positive impact on Bath’s economy with substantial and continued job creation. Having grown its team by 30% in the last year alone, the company is providing long-term career opportunities across multiple sectors. Having won ‘Employer of the Year’ at the South West Business and Community Awards, Truespeed is committed to providing a diverse and supportive working environment as it fast becomes one of Bath’s largest employers.

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*Jacob Rees-Mogg has since resigned as Secretary of State for Business but continues his support for Truespeed and the work they are doing in improving connectivity throughout the South West.