Truespeed connects Wells

We’re incredibly excited to be bringing the historic city of Wells into a new era of connectivity.
December 7, 2019

As an ultrafast, full-fibre broadband provider, our aim is to connect as many people as possible to guaranteed speed connectivity, so they can enjoy all the benefits the online world has to offer. So many people in Wells, fed up with poor broadband stood up to be counted and placed an order with us, it allowed us to start building our network. We gave the city the green light and officially commenced work in June.

Bringing Wells into the digital era, the Gigabit-capable broadband will provide residents, schools, GP surgeries and businesses with guaranteed, minimum 150Mbps speed connectivity that delivers rock-solid reliability 24-7. Giving every property it’s very own dedicated, full-fibre connection, Wells is being brought out of the digital slow lane and will reap the benefits of the UK’s best rural broadband.

Protecting the heritage of the historic city of around 6,000 properties and 1,000 registered businesses is a top priority for Truespeed, so our engineering teams will be delivering our signature low-profile infrastructure into the city. We minimise local disruption by connecting the fibre-optic cables to existing ducting and poles and any necessary roadworks are being kept to an absolute minimum.

Powered by a community-focused ethos, the network has been designed to benefit the city for generations to come. With Wells Town Hall set to get free broadband for life, it gives everyone the opportunity to enjoy ultrafast connectivity.

Tessa Munt, Somerset County Councillor for Wells, said: “I’m delighted that Truespeed is bringing ultrafast broadband to Wells Town Hall as part of their community work. Everyone using the building, whether visitors, staff or those like me who attend Council meetings and events will benefit greatly from this high-speed facility as life slowly returns to a different normal, saving taxpayers’ money, the climate and time.”

Because of the complexity of the city with its tiny winding streets, cultural heritage and cobbled streets, Wells has been left in the digital slow lane for years. Leaving its residents with inadequate and out of date infrastructure, the city has been at a significant online disadvantage compared to the rest of the UK. With Truespeed building its ultrafast network, its firmly closes the digital divide between Wells and its larger counterparts and levels the online playing field.

Steve Luck, Town Clerk, Wells City Council, added: “For too long Wells’ businesses and residents have had to put up with poor connectivity. Wells City Council fully supports Truespeed in bringing ultrafast fibre broadband to the city where it has never previously been available.”

Evan Wienburg, CEO of Truespeed, added: “We set up Truespeed to bring affordable Gigabit-capable broadband connectivity to areas in the South West such as Wells that have been ignored by larger providers. And to do it differently. While other providers force multiple customers to share one fibre-optic cable, Truespeed customers get their own exclusive cable right to their door. This is important because it is the difference between getting the digital equivalent of the fast lane on the motorway all to yourself 24/7 – even during rush hour – and being shunted into the slow lane when there is insufficient bandwidth to cope with customer demand.”

The goal is to connect people who have signed up for Truespeed’s service within 2-3 weeks of their building being passed by the network. The entire infrastructure roll-out is expected to be complete by the end of the year.

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