Truespeed Extends 2023 Broadband Price Freeze

To provide respite from the escalating cost-of-living crisis, we've extended our broadband price freeze throughout 2023 and introduced the ‘Truespeed Basic’ product to support financially vulnerable customers.
January 18, 2023

We announced our initial 12-month price freeze in May 2022, and we now aim to amplify our commitment to help customers combat the ongoing cost-of-living crisis by extending this price freeze for the entirety of 2023. We believe that full-fibre broadband should remain accessible to as many people as possible.

Recent figures are reporting that many UK consumers could be facing an average increase of between 14-15% when renewing their packages this calendar year. Which? has also reported toward the end of 2022 that many consumers could face up to an extra £87 to £113 added to annual bills, compared to the tariff they initially signed up for. So we hope our extended broadband price freeze will come as welcome news to many.

We’re also taking new steps to ensure our most financially vulnerable customers are supported throughout increasingly turbulent economic times. Available to households that meet the criteria, e.g pensioners and households on income support, we’ve launched the ‘Truespeed Basic’ product that delivers guaranteed speeds at the price point of £20 per month for 30Mbps.

“We recognise that many customers are going through a stressful period with escalating household costs, limited connectivity options and price increases on many utilities. We are playing our part and supporting our customers by extending our price freeze throughout the whole of 2023 and ensuring the vital utility of ultrafast, full-fibre broadband remains accessible to those who need it most. We’ve always been a part of the South West community and are proud to step up during this unprecedented situation.”

Nelson Missier, Truespeed Chief Commercial Officer