Phone & Landline

Porting your number or picking the perfect phone package? We’ve got it all covered in our phone FAQs.
Will I get charged by my current call provider for porting my phone number to Truespeed?
Why do I need to port my phone number? Why I haven’t had to do this with other call providers?
What happens to my broadband service when I port/transfer my old number?
What Truespeed call packages are available?
I want to keep my existing landline phone number
Are there call blocking features?
What happens if I cancel my current phone service before my phone number has been ported to Truespeed?
How long will it take to port my old number to Truespeed?
Is there a charge for porting my phone number over to Truespeed?
What phone do I need to work with a UPS?
How long will a UPS last?
Can I plug my own devices into the UPS?
Why am I getting a UPS?
What is an Uninterrupted Power Supply device (UPS)?
I have a BT alarm service, can I still port my phone number?