Truespeed Partners With Adtran

Truespeed has partnered with Adtran to enhance its full-fibre network with XGS-PON technology.
August 25, 2022

Bath-based broadband provider Truespeed has enhanced its full fibre infrastructure to utilise XGS-PON technology by partnering with Adtran as it continues the rapid expansion of its ultrafast network.

Improving its already state-of-the-art full-fibre infrastructure, Truespeed is now deploying 10Gbps XGS-PON network technology as it continues to ramp up its South West rollout. Deployment of the new infrastructure has already begun and will continue to be rolled out as standard across all future build areas. Thorough testing of the Adtran XGS-PON solution on the Truespeed infrastructure has been a resounding success, and the first customers in Peasedown St John are currently live on the new network.

Following a record year of growth since its additional £100m investment in January 2022, the rollout of XGS-PON technology will allow Truespeed to build and connect customers to its network at a significantly faster rate. In conjunction with maximising network growth, it better guarantees timescales between customer sign up and connection, reduces the number of above-ground cabinets, enables greater future network expansion and significantly improves network build efficiencies.

Offering the same superior online experience as its existing ultrafast network, the new technology allows more customers to be connected via a reduced equipment base. As a result, more residents and businesses can benefit from Truespeed’s broadband that delivers guaranteed symmetrical uploads and downloads, around-the-clock reliability and speeds of up to 900Mbps for residential customers, and up to 10Gbps for business customers. Unfaltering in its commitment to provide futureproof broadband, Truespeed’s XGS-PON network continues to provide full-fibre connectivity customers can rely on, without the fear of dropouts and the added peace of mind that their future online needs are already taken care of.

“Utilising XGS-PON is a huge step forward for Truespeed as we continue on our mission to improve connectivity throughout the South West. We’re rolling out our network faster than ever before, and this step-change in technology will enable us to deliver our substantial growth plans in the most time and cost effective manner whilst providing the best possible customer service.”

James Lowther – Truespeed CEO

“The vision demonstrated by the Truespeed team is refreshing. Not only have they recognised the technology benefits that the Adtran XGS-PON solution brings. From the beginning, they have had a very clear vision of the environmental benefits that this technology can deliver to their business, and how it can accelerate their deployment schedule by concentrating more customers across fewer equipment locations. Insights that many others would do well to pay attention to.”

Ronan Kelly – Adtran EMEA CTO

Truespeed is continuing on its mission to bring the South West out of the digital slow lane so residents and businesses across the region can benefit from ultrafast, full-fibre broadband.