Truespeed Sponsor Tor Rugby Club

Truespeed announces new partnership with Glastonbury’s Tor Rugby Club
February 28, 2022
Events & Sponsorship

With our ultrafast full-fibre network expanding to connect more and more people to broadband in Glastonbury, it was the perfect time for Truespeed to sponsor the Glastonbury-based Tor Rugby Club.

The collaboration unites the club’s and local company’s community-led values which aims to amplify the invaluable support Tor Rugby Club provides to its players and the wider Glastonbury community.

The partnership aims to promote the widespread benefits of rugby and encourage the uptake of youth team-based sports. Tor Rugby Club has been a long-standing advocate of sporting inclusivity and using team-based sports develop life skills players can utilise in school and post-education life.

The two year partnership with local, community focused company Truespeed will help Tor Rugby Club achieve its aim of enabling players of all ages, genders and abilities to thrive in a supportive and fun sporting environment. Truespeed’s support will also help Tor Rugby Club continue its key role in successfully enabling amateur rugby activities to many of Glastonbury’s local residents, and continue its pivotal role as a community and social hub for the area.

“Partnering with a business such as Truespeed that shares our values of inclusivity, support and fairness provides much needed resources to keep furthering our ambitions to provide rugby for all across the local area. These partnerships form the backbone of our financial security as well as helping us promote the club to a wider audience”.

Jonathan Ferriday, Vice Chair of Tor Rugby Club

“Supporting communities and helping local people has always been at the heart of Truespeed’s ethos. Tor Rugby Club an integral part of Glastonbury’s community and is a lifeline for many families throughout the areas. Giving children and young adults the opportunity to develop vital life skills and lead healthy lifestyles through sport, we wanted to help the much loved club continue providing the sporting and social opportunities it gives to so many of Glastonbury’s residents.”

Jo Butt, Truespeed Community Engagement Manager


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