Helping to inspire the next generation of conservationists 

Discover how our partnership with Bristol Zoo Project will help inspire conservationists of the future and protect endangered species for many years to come.
August 22, 2023
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Ever since we were founded in 2014, we’ve been on a mission to bring full-fibre broadband to the South West so communities can enjoy it for years to come. Alongside building our full-fibre network, we’ve helped local communities through supporting local causes, projects and initiatives.

Through our partnership with Bristol Zoological Society’s Bristol Zoo Project (BZP), we’re continuing to do just that by supporting BZP to continue to secure the future of a wide variety of threatened species and inspire a new generation of conservationists.


What is Bristol Zoo Project?

Formerly known as Wild Place Project, BZP is a conservation and education charity with a mission to save wildlife, protect threatened species and their natural habitats through conservation, and inspire conservationists of the future with engaging education and research programmes.

Its wide range of conservation efforts encompass programmes both in Europe and further afield, with work to conserve 18 target species across nine countries. All are helping BZP fulfil its mission to create spaces for threatened animals to thrive within safe, protected landscapes which closely reflect their natural habitats.

And, after being at the forefront of ensuring animal welfare is the best it can be, BZP are now on a journey to create a brand new, state-of-the-art conservation zoo.


A new home for BZP

By 2035, BZP is aiming to become a centre of excellence for science learning and inspire and engage over 90,000 schoolchildren and students each year. As a result, its new site will play a vital role in helping it to achieve its mission.

In 2022, BZP welcomed 11,000 schoolchildren and hosted more than 180 education sessions. Through partnering with higher education institutions such as University of the West of England, University of Bristol, South Gloucestershire College and Stroud College, students of all ages can learn more about conservation and its far-reaching impacts.

BZP’s site covers 136 acres and the new zoo will provide new homes for a wide variety of animals. The space will also provide threatened species like the Endangered Philippine spotted deer, who recently moved to the site, with all the space they need to flourish and enable BZP to showcase its work to visitors from all over the world.

Inspiring conservationists of the future…

As part of our long-standing community-focused ethos, we’re delighted to announce our new partnership with BZP, which will see us support BZP’s cheetah enclosure (they’re fast, but not quite as quick as our ultrafast broadband) and their “Creating Conservationists” initiative.

This initiative sees BZP work closely with local students of all ages and educate them on how they can support threatened species and lessen the impact of climate change on the environment.

“Truespeed’s donation is contributing directly to our work,” says Naomi McClure, Corporate Partnerships Manager at Bristol Zoological Society. “It will help us to create conservationists of the future and ensure future generations come face-to-face with animals in nature.

“As Bristol Zoological Society embarks on plans to build a new conservation zoo at the Bristol Zoo Project, where around 80 percent of animals will be linked to its conservation work, this support is also helping the cheetah, which is listed as Vulnerable by the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN). The species is facing numerous threats including loss of habitat and prey, conflict with humans and the illegal pet trade and the Society’s participation in essential captive population management is helping to ensure that the cheetah will not go extinct.”


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