Everything you need to know about Our network

Our aim is simple; to deliver faster, more reliable broadband to the long overlooked communities of the South West.

Investing in a better broadband network

From Glastonbury to Street, through Shepton Mallet and Keynsham to the historic city of Wells, we’ve been building our full-fibre network to do just that.  And, we’ve earned ourselves thousands of happy customers.

We know that we can make a really positive difference to your community.  But the work required to get there can be an annoyance.  And that’s why we’ll do whatever we can to make it as quick and pain-free as possible.

Building a new broadband network does involve some disruption.  But wherever we go, we work with the local council and community groups to ensure this is kept at a minimum and that people are advised of exactly what’s happening and when.   Where possible, we’ll even try to combine our work with other service providers, to avoid doubling the disruption. 

Technology that works for you

Full-fibre (or Ultrafast as it’s also known) extends all the way to your front door. Which means there is no loss of speed and the line is yours and yours alone.

What you see is what you get

If we say you’ll get 900Mbps you’ll get a MINIMUM of 900Mbps . Quite simply, you get what you pay for with Truespeed.

Championing the South West

We’re proud of where we come from which is why we are building an infrastructure which will enable the region for generations to come.

Great value for money

We might not be the cheapest, but we do offer all our customers a fair price for a service that works how and when they need it.

Community matters to us

It’s in our DNA.  Truespeed was born out of the desire to help people escape the trials of poor connectivity, we believe everyone has a right to ultrafast, reliable broadband wherever they are.

We work to ensure whole communities can benefit from ultrafast broadband for generations to come by providing free, ultrafast broadband to every primary school and community hub passed by our network.

Over 80 schools and hubs – including village halls, libraries and sports centres – are already reaping the rewards of our full-fibre connectivity free of charge, allowing vital funds to be put back into curriculums and activities that are lifelines to local residents.


Our aim is to reach 500,000 properties passed and ready to be connected by 2025, and so far:

– We’ve passed over 50,000 properties

– We’ve connected 11,600 customers

– We have a net promoter score of +60 (new customers, July 2022)

– We employ over 200 people

We are working as quickly as possible to deliver the fastest, most reliable broadband to communities across the region.

The pink areas on the map are where our ultrafast full-fibre network is already available, and the Truespeed logo indicates where we are currently building.

Ready to getTruespeed

Most providers use old copper cables and expect you to share them with your neighbours. With Truespeed, you get your own bespoke full-fibre connection, that’s shared with no one else, and installed for free with the government’s Broadband Delivery UK Scheme.

Are you ready for truly better broadband?