Ofcom Crack Down On Misleading ‘Up To’ Speeds

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Unreliable broadband is a continually escalating problem, with many Internet Service Providers being able to provide inconsistent speeds particularly during peak times, by using ‘Up To’ speeds. An easy clause to hide behind, customers are frequently misled into purchasing top end packages, which only receive minimal speeds which rarely hit the highest “Up To” level. So in effect, a multitude of customers are paying for speeds they don’t receive.

In light of this, Ofcom the UK’s telecom regulator has proposed new guidelines that give customers the right to exit their contracts with no penalties, if their speed falls below the guaranteed minimum level. These additions to the code of practice are in a bid to “close the gap between what’s advertised and what’s delivered, giving customers a fuller picture before they commit to a contract” says Lindsey Fussell, Ofcom Consumer Group Director.

In an aid to make contracts and levels of service more transparent, the new regulations stipulate that Internet Service Providers have 30 days to improve their speeds, from when below guaranteed speeds are reported, and must also publish the speeds that are reached during peak usage times. This is a big step forward for customers struggling with broadband throughout the country, but a concrete solution to unreliable broadband is still a long way off for many people.

Where TrueSpeed differs from other Internet Service Providers, is we only offer ‘From Speeds.' We guarantee speeds of 100Mb/s from our full fibre cable which is installed in each property. Our guaranteed ‘From Speeds’ mean no drop off during peak times, no dipping below the minimum speeds and contracts that are clear and concise with no hidden surprises.

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